Saturday, March 3, 2012

Smokeless Cigarettes - An Imitation Better Than The Real Thing?

Smokers that have been smoking for years may have something more to look forward to in the future than just oxygen tanks and computers talking for them. Instead, smokers of traditional tobacco cigarettes can now make a switch and pick up smokeless cigarettes, which, according to smokers who have made the switch, offer more benefits than tobacco cigarettes ever did.

Many people are now crawling all over the web looking for places to buy smokeless cigarettes, often called electronic cigarettes and e-cigarettes, and also the supplies that go with them, such as e-juice and electronic cigarette refills, which are both necessary for smokeless cigarettes to function. Without e-juice and electronic cigarette refills, smokeless cigarettes would simply be a prop that didn't even produce smoke coming from the end of it. That's another interesting thing about smokeless cigarettes: they even mimic tobacco cigarettes down to the smallest details: the main piece of smokeless cigarettes looks just like a real cigarette, with the filter often being a brown color that differs from the part that holds tobacco. Instead of the rest of the cigarette holding tobacco though, this actually holds a vaporization chamber with an atomizer that draws in e-juice from the electronic cigarette refills, and then this e-juice is turned into a smokeless vapor that the smoker can easily inhale. Smokeless cigarettes even put off a water vapor at the end of the cigarette that's completely odorless, so if you didn't see someone smoking one, you wouldn't even know that they were. If you did see someone smoking smokeless cigarettes though, you may think that they're really smoking once you see the water vapor coming from the end and once you see the orange tip that glows up every time the smoker takes a drag of a cigarette. So down to the last detail, smokeless cigarettes are a pretty good imitation of the real thing, which doesn't happen often, and according to many smokers, it's an imitation that is even better than the real thing due to them being a healthier alternative because they contain extra chemicals and additives.

In order to keep smokeless cigarettes ready to smoke, there has to be e-juice in electronic cigarette refills, which can be bought as disposable ones or refillable ones that the smoker can refill themselves with e-juice. The disposable ones are usually more expensive, but either way, it looks as though smokeless cigarettes are satisfying many people.

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