Saturday, March 3, 2012

White Cloud Cirrus Electronic Cigarette Review

White Cloud offers electronic cigarettes made in the USA that come with a user manual, two piece cartomizer, one USA charger, two high capacity long lasting lithium polymer batteries, and five cartridges of the flavor of your choice in the starter kit that provide a nicotine hit with five different levels of nicotine available.

In this review, I'll look at the White Cloud Cirrus model. (Keep in mind the date of this review as things may have changed with the White Cloud Cirrus since this review.)

Unfortunately, White Cloud Cirrus is a "premium" starter kit, which means it's also a bit pricey for my budget. The replacement batteries are also a bit pricey for my taste, but the White Cloud Cirrus electronic cigarette does offer a true high quality electronic cigarette smoking experience with fast charging batteries and long lasting cartridges. The cartridges are pretty reasonably priced I guess since they last so long, but there are cheaper ones that are just as long lasting.

Each of the regular flavor cartridges lasts about as long as two packs of cigarettes. They currently come in menthol, chocolate, apple, peach, clove, vanilla, espresso, banana, and whisky flavors. None of these really appealed to me, as I prefer the flavor of a real cigarette, but they may have added a tobacco flavor by now. The batteries keep powered up through one cartridge and it takes about an hour to fully charge a totally drained battery.

At this time, White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes come with a one year warranty, and they offer an additional year extended warranty for $30 that includes a free battery exchange during the second year.

You can also choose between the orange lighted tip or the blue lighted tip. It's nice to have the choice. I prefer the orange lighted tip because it most closely resembles a real tobacco cigarette, but the blue lighted tips are good looking as well.

I've heard some people have a problem with their White Cloud Cirrus electronic cigarettes dripping. I think the leaking I think the leaking may be from earlier models that didn't have any sort of stopper in place within the cartomizer. (At least that's what someone told me.)

The atomizer is easy to use, but takes a couple of puffs to really get started. The White Cloud Cirrus electronic cigarette is good. The biggest downside for me is the high cost to get started. After buying the starter kit, extra cartridges, the extended warranty, and any accessories, it's a sizable investment if you're on a budget.

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