Friday, March 2, 2012

Smokeless Cigarette Risks - Is There Any Truth to the Smokeless Cigarette FDA Warning?

Smokeless Cigarette Risks - Is There Any Truth to the Smokeless Cigarette FDA Warning?

If you haven't heard already there are new cigarettes around known as an Electronic Smokeless Cigarette and there have been Smokeless Cigarette Risks unfairly labelled on them. What most people don't realize is that this is a great deal of negative press being put out by the FDA regarding these electronic cigarettes, but the truth about why will shock you!

Why the Smokeless Cigarette FDA Warning?

The reason for the warning is due to an ingredient used in the nicotine cartridge of a smokeless cigarette known as propylene glycol. They are warning that this substance is toxic and could cause harm to people who use electronic cigarettes. Now here's the ironic part, ready? Normal Cigarettes already contain propylene glycol! In addition to the 600+ toxic substances already in cigarettes!

If Propylene Glycol is Already in Cigarettes, Then Why the Hype?

The reason being that if enough people switched from normal cigarettes, controlled by the tobacco industry to electronic smokeless cigarettes they would lose billions of dollars and could potentially go broke if enough people switched. Not to mention smokeless cigarettes help people quit smoking which is the last thing big tobacco wants! The FDA cares because big tobacco gives "donations", very large ones to the FDA to protect their interests. It's the same disturbing situation going on with the drug companies and natural health products, launching smear campaigns in order to control the competition.

What's the Bottom Line?

Propylene Glycol is in fact contained in most shampoos, hair and cosmetic products. It's even in your food! Although they hype up the fact that its also an ingredient in windshield washer fluid, it's what they're not saying that's most important. Don't get fooled. If you smoke normal cigarettes, stop already and switch to electronic smokeless cigarettes!

Hands down smokeless electronic cigarettes are a much better option over conventional cigarettes. They're much safer containing less than 1% of the toxic substances in normal cigarettes. They're also much cheaper to use. The average smoker who smokes 1 pack per day will save an average of $2300 per year on cigarettes by using an electronic cigarette!

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