Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Premium Electronic Cigarette

Premium Electronic Cigarette has the most versatile choice of flavours for its e cigs. There are nineteen of them. Prominent among the flavours are Caramel, Blueberry, Irish Cream, Premium Tobacco, and Nicotine. The Premium Electronic Cigarette is the ideal device for a person who is trying to quit smoking. Premium Electronic Cigarette has a very reasonably priced starter kit.

The other great reason for buying the Premium Electronic Cigarette is it saves the smoker a lot of money. One cartridge is equal to a pack of twenty cigarettes. With this assumption and the fact that a person smokes one pack a day, the saving is more than two thousand dollars per year. The Premium Electronic Cigarette releases a vapour when someone takes a drag on the cigarette. The battery starts a heating process which releases vapour from the liquid inside the cartridge. Thus no harmful smoke is released like in a normal cigarette. The vapour is harmless and disappears in a few seconds. Using the nicotine flavour a cigarette smoker takes the help of a Premium Electronic Cigarette to give up the habit of smoking tobacco cigarettes.

The Premium Electronic Cigarette starter kit includes two rechargeable batteries, an AC adaptor and one USB. It also contains six cartridges with flavours of the customer's choice and one user manual. There are many levels of nicotine available in the rechargeable nicotine cartridges and these are High Strength with sixteen mg; Medium strength with eleven milligram; Low strength with 6mg and none with 0mg. Keeping up with their versatility Premium Electronic Cigarette has seven kinds of starter kits.

The variety in batteries shows how involved Premium Electronic Cigarette manufacturers are with their business. The choices are remarkable in their variety. The batteries are available in these designs: - Valentine's Day, Holiday special, Circuit Board, Stardust Pattern, Roses Pattern, Cubes Pattern, Liquid X pattern, Swirl Pattern Battery, Maze Pattern and Disco Pattern. Besides these there are many coloured batteries and the colours available in P remium Electronic Cigarette are Green Marble, Orange, Purple, White, White with manual switch, Brown Marble, Black, Platinum, Blue, Pink, Green, Burgundy and Gold.

Premium Electronic Cigarette also has great offers in e cigarette cases. There are four of them and the price ranges from $14.95 to$ 29.95. Another unique product of Premium Electronic Cigarette Company is the electronic cigar. These are only available with a nicotine flavour with varying degrees of intensity. The next step is logical, if cigars are available why not electronic pipes. Keeping up its love for diversity, the Premium Electronic Cigarette is offering an electronic pipe which is very impressive at a price of $129.95.

The Premium Electronic Cigarette Company also offers well designed accessories to match with the stylish e cigarettes. There is an elegant stand for two cigarettes and many combo chargers for the car and use at home. Electronic cigarettes were very popul ar in Europe before arriving in the United States of America. The Premium Electronic Cigarette Company has done wonders in promoting the sales of this magic device which helps people to give up dangerous tobacco smoking.

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