Thursday, November 3, 2011

Best Premium Electronic Cigarette - E Cigs & Accessories

Green Smoke is an electronic cigarette that does not produce smoke.What looks like smoke is actually a harmless vapor that is produced through a battery and an atomizer. The vapor released is harmless to people, pets, indoor and outdoor environments, and as such, is not subject to No Smoking Bans. It does not burn nicotine, but vaporizes it. It is truly a "Green" product, and as such, the company encourages the return of empty cartridges for recycling.Green Smoke consists of two parts; the battery and nicotine cartridge. The battery is rechargeable and resembles the white part of a cigarette where the tobacco and approximately 4000 harmful and addictive chemicals are located.Do an internet search on the ingredients that are used in traditional tobacco products, and you will be disgusted by what smokers are subjected to. The cartridge resembles the filter of a traditional tobacco based cigarette, but contains the atomizer, purified water, flavoring, and nic otine...if desired.It contains propylene glycol, which if you do an internet search, you will find people that will tell you that it is an ingredient that is found in anti-freeze, which is true, but it is an entirely different grade.The propylene glycol contained in the cartridges are FDA approved, andis found in food coloring and various food products that we consume on a daily basis, and has been deemed safe, and helps to flavor the cartridges (chocolate, vanilla, coffee, etc).Green Smoke comes in different flavors, and different levels of nicotine, from 16mg to 0mg.Green Smoke is not marketed as a smoking cessation device, but it could easily be used as one by people that are determined to quit smoking.For long term smokers, it can be very helpful, since part of the addiction is the oral fixationand using your hands. Nicotine in itself is in line with the addiction to caffeine.The tar that builds up in the lungs, the thousands of chemicals added, as well as the smoke itse lfare the main source of cancer and respiratory problems among smokers.Green Smoke also offers a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and a one year warranty, so you have nothing to lose, and if Green Smoke is right for you, then you have plenty to gain!

I can see why some people are willing to pay a little extra for Green Smoke e-cigarettes. I just love the convenience of the two piece system that only Green Smoke offers. Their started kit comes with a lot of extras the others dont all offer as well.

"I never thought that something as an e-cig would amount to anything. I was wrong. Believe me, it works! Give up the old tar and chemicals and this is so satisfying, you'd wonder why you never knew about it before. It's just like smoking your old cigarettes. The best is that you can still smoke this anywhere you want and it truly satisfies you. I can't say enough about this. All I can say is try it. It's expensive, but, if you don't like it, send it back. I've been smoking 40 years and I don't know how, but this thing really works for me. Believe me, it is nothing short of a miracle." Electronic Cigarettes & Accessory Store. Fun Smoking with Many Flavors & Nicotine Levels. Try it out. QUIT SMOKING Regular Cigarettes! Green Is Great! you can save by switching to Green Smokes. You'll be amazed!

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