Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Premium Electronic Cigarette Pr110 - Quit Smoking Easily, Without a Feeling of Loss and Misery, But a Feeling of Reward and Happiness

Premium Electronic Cigarette Pr110

Smokers don't smoke because of all the bad reasons they have for smoking; they smoke because of all the good reasons they believe they have. Once they see and have the vision and realization that all the reasons they had for smoking, and all the benefits and goodness they believed they were getting from smoking are false- then they are able to quit easily and immediately- because at that moment they will lose their desire to smoke- and hence, without the need for any willpower, they will be able to let go of their smoking.

For years I was trying to stop smoking. I failed in my attempts because I was trying to give up. In giving up, I was, in my mind, believing that I was letting go and losing something very valuable. I associated a lot of pain to a life without smoking. I believed that even if I did stop smoking successfully, then my life would be meaningless and useless. I believed smoking was actually giving me s omething of value; for example I used to believe that in order to focus and concentrate I had to smoke. I used to need to smoke in order to pick up and answer the telephone. I associated smoking with many activities, and hence thought and believed that without smoking I was incapable of doing much. I had been the ideal sucker, the perfect subject for the Propaganda machinery for smoking. Since I was born I had seen and been exposed to the idea that smoking is cool, the successful people smoke, the brave, the tough, the best looking. I had come to believe that 'once a smoker, always a smoker.' Everyone I knew used to say it is difficult to stop being a smoker. I had been so indoctrinated with the propaganda and the brainwashing regarding smoking that I believed I could never be free of smoking. I had the fear that I had lost any control on my life. Every time I went to a medical check up I was terrified of bad news. I had all the bad reasons for smoking right in my face, and yet I had my own good reasons to continue smoking; it relaxes me, helps me concentrate, it is my only joy. Basically the feeding of my addiction, the supply of Nicotine to my body was being mistaken as a source of pleasure, a source of benefit. The solution was not the Nicotine- the problem was the Nicotine. Premium Electronic Cigarette Pr110

The day I realised that all the reasons I had for smoking were false, illusory and wrong, and that I only smoked to feed my Nicotine addiction. That the only thing a cigarette did for me was to feed my need, my craving for the lack of Nicotine in my body. That if I stopped that feed then the chain would be broken. That every night that I went to bed and to sleep, I was in effect quitting for a number of hours. Then, I realised that quitting is easy and painless- I am doing it every night! I realised that the withdrawal discomforts were virtually non existent- and that is when I quit. Yes, I was able to quit for g ood. I remember the day very well. It was like leaving a prison, a freedom from slavery. That day, that I quit, I was feeling fantastic, and later, in the evening I met some friends for drinks and I did not smoke, I did not want to smoke, and I felt even more fantastic. I did not need willpower or any strength. From time to time over the next few days I did get the thought 'this is too good to be true', but I was able to see that the Propaganda and the brainwashing was based on false information- I was able to observe my thoughts and realise that I was not missing smoking at all. It is incredible how we can quit easily and comfortably once we have re-framed the vision, the understanding. By seeing smoking in a different light, by changing my vision, by a shift in my belief, my addiction to Nicotine just crashed and fell apart.

If you are a smoker and you are sick and tired of it, you too can quit today, easily, and you will feel fantastic. First you need to understand and be convinced: that smoking gives you nothing whatsoever other than all the bad things that you already know, and that all you do when you smoke is feed the need of your body for Nicotine, therefore, break the feed, stop the Nicotine and break the chain. Secondly, it is a lot of false information when people or organizations say smoking is difficult to quit- it is only difficult if you insist it is, if you believe it is. Realise that it is all false information, change your belief, be convinced that it is easy- and then, it is easy. Now, quit smoking today, feel great, and my congratulations to you. Premium Electronic Cigarette Pr110

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