Wednesday, March 21, 2012

InLife Electronic Cigarettes Review - My Interview with Top Rep

I always have more confidence in a company when I can call and talk to some of the distributors. So I hopped on my Internet surfboard and looked around. It was not
long before I found a couple of Inlife distributors. Each one of those the fellows I found are Regional Managers and both have over 2 hundred distributors in their
organization. Dean Sylvester and Steve Petrosino were particularly useful in answering my questions.

bad thing is that Dean Sylvester is an MLM hater who was converted by InLife cigarettes. He had been in a company before for a while. Like most, he wasn't ready to get
anywhere with it. Finally he called it evens on social marketing and hated the idea of getting involved in another one.

Then one day a bloke comes up to him "smoking " one of those e-cigarettes and it struck his interest. Being a smoker, he asked some questions. Right after that, Dean
was on auto-ship and enjoying every minute.

Dean and his new friend would intentionally travel to different resturants to display their new found liberty.
I could tell that Dean has a lot of fun with this product. This is such a serious factor if you need to do well in any network marketing business.

initial impressions tend to stick. I was impressed when I found out the price of Inlife cigarettes. There's only a $20 greenback different between ordering their products
retail and becoming a distributor. I found this so refreshing. There are so many mlm corporations who front-load their start up costs.

The qualification for receiving bonuses is really easy. Sponsor two people who go on auto-ship and you are qualified.

How much is auto-ship? It's about $25 each month, which is about the equivalent of a carton of cigarettes. When you think about the fact that you are giving smokers a
less expensive alternative choice to coating their lungs with tar, auto-ship should be an appealing option for most people.

It became so much fun to hear the different reactions he gets as he and his other half go out to eat. People essentially come up to them asking how they are able to
smoke in public places. Let your imagination wander a little and you'll be surprised at the amount of concepts you'll come up with. There are lots of places where an
individual could share a pleasant smoking alternative.

It is usually best to be a part of an experienced team of people when you go into business for yourself. Even though an experienced team doesn't guarantee your
success, it is doing increase the chances of having access to the info you want.

Most significantly, you must understand how to market yourself and your business. Most firms will tell you they have an automated system good to go for you. While this
is right you are accountable for feeding that system with leads. Master the talent of internet selling and you can become a top producer in any business that you choose.

This is my reality, and I am hoping for it to be yours too.

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