Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Blu Cigs Electronic Cigarette Review

This review takes an in-depth look at Blu Cigs electronic cigarettes. I'm a huge fan of electronic cigarettes and have tried different brands, so I decided to look into Blu Cigs. Do your own research before buying Blu Cigs because things may have changed since I wrote this review.

Upon visiting the Blu Cigs website, it looks good. It's a slick website with pictures of happy people smoking electronic cigarettes. Like I said, I'm a fan of electronic cigarettes, so I can relate to the happy pictures. My first click was to the starter kit page to check out what Blu Cigs has to offer.

You can get the Blu Cigs starter kit in either black or white with a blue LED tip. I like the look of tobacco cigarettes, so the white appeals more to me, but I definitely don't like the blue lighted tip. I'm an orange tip kind of person, so that's a negative to me.
The starter kit is $59.95, on the low end for a kit, so it makes me question the quality even though these electronic cigarettes look good in the pictures. The kit includes two electronic cigarette batteries, two atomizers, one wall charger, one USB charger, a whopping 25 cartridges, and a cool carry pack that also charges your electronic cigarette and holds five cartridges.

Okay, so now I'm really questioning the quality for the price because the starter kit comes with a lot of stuff. However, although I still wonder about quality at this price, getting 25 cartridges in a starter kit is pretty good. In addition to the blue LED lighted tip, I also don't like the Blu Cigs logo across the battery.

The cartridges currently come in different strengths (full 16mg, light 12mg, ultra light 8mg, and non-nicotine 0mg) and in five different flavors - tobacco, vanilla, menthol, coffee, and cherry. The website says each cartridge lasts about as long as seven tobacco cigarettes. The batteries are long lasting lithium ion. Blu Cigs offers a one year warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee. They also offer free shipping right now.

Overall, these electronic cigarettes look pretty good. I still wonder why they're priced on the lower side. You know the old saying 'you get what you pay for.' That, along with the logo on the battery, and the blue LED lighted tip is why I passed on Blu Cigs.

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