Monday, March 12, 2012

Ecigs--Breathe Healthily, Live Happily!

E-cigarettes are those devices that imitate the look and sensation of traditional smoking, but really less harmful than them. They are designed and even function just like normal cigarettes that they can easily be disguised by their look of normal cigarettes. Some of them are used as smoking cessation devices while others are used as the alternative for cigarettes or hookah.

The atomizer contained in these cigarettes release vapor. The user when using this cigarette inhales the nicotine and the puff taken contains only water vapor unlike carbon monoxide and many other hazardous substances present in normal cigarettes. The Ecigs manufacturers claim that they can be used anywhere in public places like restaurants and clubs because they do not contain any hazardous elements.

The narcotic companies are nowadays working on stop-smoking propaganda to help the smokers. They have introduced nicotine patch, chewing gum and many other over-the-counter drugs. But nothing matches this unique electronic cigarette discovery as it is environment friendly and so popular. Since it is a better alternative to traditional tobacco cigarette, it is considered the effective way to smoke safely.

Some people feel that it might assist in decreasing the urge of cigarette smoking and finally helps quit smoking. Its appearance and quality resembles the regular cigarette very much. Apart from being fewer intrusive while comparing to standard cigarettes, E-cigarettes are 100 % legal. If you are a habitual smoker, using smokeless cigarettes does not hold toxins. Hence, they can be better used anywhere you want when compared to normal cigarettes that are banned in public places like pubs, cafes, work places, and even in air carriers.

The pleasant thing about E-cigarettes when compared to bubble gum or nicotine patches is, e-cigarettes are always preferred by individuals after a dental treatment or lip area fixation. They help fulfill the smoking urge without damaging the teeth. When you pull a puff through an electronic cigarette, you can sense a complete satisfaction of a heated cigarette smoking flavored with toxins. A big difference is that this is only water smoking in which the smoke evaporates immediately and does not leave any pungent smell.

This type of cigarette never burns tobacco. When you smoke, it produces vapor by which the smoker receives a particular propylene glycol, which is an alternative to cigarette smoking. Ecigs come with a distinctive atomizer, a filter mouth piece and a rechargeable battery. You can use it anywhere and any time without any electricity. The mobile charger available can be used to charge the battery. Thus, several benefits of e-cigarettes are virtually incomparable.

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