Tuesday, March 13, 2012

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Electronic cigarettes are a healthier, more efficient, and smarter replacement for regular cigarettes. These electronic cigarettes or "ecigs" as they're sometimes referred, are unique in that they use a battery to power them, output no smoke or odor, and contain none of the additives found in standard cigarettes. The nicotine is available in the form of a cartridge or liquid drops which is thus converted to vapor when smoked.

Ecigs are regarded as a much healthier alternative to regular smokes because they only contain nicotine and no other harmful additives.. A few of these additives include ammonia, carbon monoxide, and even arsenic. Not really things that you should be breathing in on an every day basis. The electronic cigarette is also less hazardous since there is no "lighting" process or burning of the end of the cigarette which lets off these chemicals into the air, thereby extinguishing any chance of second-hand smoke inhalation. The only thing exhaled is a cloud of water vapor, which is odorless.

Vapor being the only thing released from the e-cigarette is advantageous for another reason as well. Without all those dangerous carcinogens and chemicals being released into the air it's a whole lot healthier for the environment and those around you. This makes it quite legal and acceptable to smoke in public establishments such as restaurants and bars. You're bound to get a few heads to turn doing so and probably even the occasional jealous smoker sneering from afar.

An additional reason for a common cigarette smoker to be envious with the ultra hip ecig smoker is the effectiveness of them. There's no have to go out and buy a new pack every single day or few days, no lighters to carry about, or ashtrays to worry about. You no lengthier need to be concerned with how your breath or hair smells following that last smoke. No more having to be concerned about your family members and buddies inhaling your second hand smoke.

All in all, if you're a traditional cigarette smoker who's attempting to stop or just looking for a healthier, smarter way to smoke, there is no better alternative than the electronic cigarette. It has all the advantages of normal cigarettes in that they still include nicotine but none of the harmful additives or nasty unwanted side effects. Electronic cigarettes permit you to casually smoke in bars and restaurants without annoying other people with dangerous and smelly tobacco smoke and don't require you to constantly run to the store for a new pack of smokes or lighter every couple of days. There's little chance that smoking will ever be good for you, but if you do smoke, do it smarter and go electronic.

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