Saturday, February 11, 2012

Top Reasons Why One Should Convert to the E-Cig (Electronic Cigarette)

We all recognise that smoking cigarettes is not only detrimental to your health but also socially improper. There are not many places in which cigarette smokers are able to liberally light up. Despite the fact that a lot of folks feel that the damaging consequences of second-hand smoke often are over exaggerated, it is a fact that small children that are subjected to it have a higher rate of asthma and also other respiratory difficulties. With all this in mind, here are the main reasons that smokers need to think about switching to the electronic cigarette or e-cig, a device which provides nicotine to the cigarette smoker devoid of all the negative linked with tobacco smoke.

Reason #1: The e-cig is safer than smoking cigarettes. Let's be honest, nicotine is an addictive substance. If you aren't prepared to quit, then you should take into consideration something different like the e-cig. An e-cig will provide you with a precise dosage of nicotine whenever you need one, without the important health risks associated with smoking tobacco, for example, emphysema.

Reason #2: The e-cig is much less pricey than tobacco-based cigarettes. Considering that it costs 5 or 6 for a packet of 20 cigarettes, switching to the electronic cigarette can really save you a lot of money. If, case in point, you smoke 20 cigarettes per day at a cost of 5.00, you are actually spending 1825 every year on tobacco. If you switch to the e-cig, your yearly cost will be about 550, which is going to save you 1275. Can't you think of a lot better things to do with your money?

Reason #3: The e-cig is not under the rule of the smoking ban. The smoking ban is referring to lighted tobacco products. Although the tip of the e-cig lights up red, it doesn't burn. It is a completely battery-operated electronic gadget to which the smoking ban will not apply. Hence you can feel free to use an e-cig almost any place.

Reason #4: There's not any second-hand smoke at all. When you place the e-cig to your lips and inhale, you will take in a vaporised sort of nicotine that's completely smokeless. Each time you breathe out, it is only a non-toxic, unscented vapour, to which no one is going to object.

Reason #5: The e-cig in actuality might assist you to overcome your nicotine dependence. The nicotine cartridges for the electronic cigarette can be bought in a diversity of strengths. After a certain amount of time, you could lessen your nicotine intake by getting cartridges that contain a lesser amount. There's even There's also a zero-strength cartridge that enables a person to get satisfaction from the act of smoking devoid of any nicotine at all.

Reason #6: The electronic cigarette is totally free from tar. Usage of tobacco cigarettes leaves tar within the lungs, which is known to contain carcinogens (substances which cause cancer).

Reason #7: Tobacco smoke has toxins such as the gas carbon monoxide, that binds together with the haemoglobin in the blood and stifles the supply of necessary oxygen to the body's organs and tissues. Tobacco smoke furthermore contains oxidant gases that make blood more prone to clot, creating a serious risk for stroke or heart attack. The e-cig contains only vaporised nicotine and nothing else dangerous to your health.

Converting to the e-cig is both a sensible and cautious choice.

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