Friday, February 10, 2012

Complete information about V2 cigs

V2 cigs were launched in the early 2000s and has become one of the fastest growing electronic cigarette brands in America. They have all the different types of starter kit to accommodate all the types of smokers and very competitive prices. They also offer a one year warranty to all their products, the starter economy kit costs 60 dollars while the standard starter kits will cost about 85 dollars. More to this, the 5 pack cartridge price goes for a retail price of 13 dollars. It is usually advisable to go for the bigger packs since they are cheaper. They come in eight flavors namely the Cowboy which is similar to Marlboro, the Congress which is similar to Parliament, Coffee, Vanilla, Peppermint and chocolate. The company has however pledged to introduce four new flavors in the near future. The nicotine level of this electronic cigarette is 4 and ranges from 0mg to about 18mg.

Many v2 cigs review proves the fact that it has been increasing steadily in the past years making it the fastest growing electronic cigarette brand in the United States. Even though they were launched after some electronic cigarette brands had already been launched, these electronic cigarettes carry the highest quality products in the market. The company has invested widely in extension and research and has produced unmatched flavors and cartridges o ensure that that the V2 cig carries the best customizes in the electronic cigarette brands in market.

V2 cig has very unique features that also consist of a referral program that is termed as smoke for free. This program allows all the new clients to be issued with coupon cards that they are to give to their friends and family. When the referred people make orders on the V2 cig they did receive up to 15% discount on any of the V2 cig starter kit the referrer will get a discount of about 15 dollars in their account. At times they may use these credits to buy additional V2 cig merchandise like the cartridges. The V2 cigs have got a number of different kits to accommodate all types of smokers and a wide range of electronic cigarette accessories. These different kits of v2 cigs may create some confusion in your mind. To remove this confusion you should read v2 cigs review which is available on internet. These v2 cigs reviews will help you to decide which kit you should buy.

The economy kit goes for a retail price of about 60 dollars and contains one battery, ten cartridges, and one wall adapter. This kit is a good starting point for the social smokers who want to try out the electronic cigarettes. A standard kit on the other hand goes for a retail price of about 85 dollars and contains two battery one auto and one manual, ten cartridges, a wall adapter and a USB charger. The traveler kit which goes for a retail price of about 100 dollars is tailor-made for people who are traveling. It contains 2 batteries of the smoker's choice, 15 cartridges, a wall adapter, a car charger, a charging case, a V2 Notebook and a USB charger. Lastly, an ultimate kit goes for 150 dollars and has 3 batteries of the smoker's choice, 25 cartridges, a USB charger, a wall adapter, a car charger and a charging case.

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