Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fda Can’T Restrict Electronic Cigarettes

A federal judge has ruled that electronic cigarettes cannot be regulated as drug delivery devices by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). What does it mean? It means that e-cigarettes will stay in the market while the case is still under litigation, and FDA can do nothing about it. In effect, other manufacturers of nicotine-based products could have the nerve to question FDA. It could also mean birth to a range of new nicotine-laced products that FDA has effective control of.

According to the federal judge, electronic cigarettes arent supposed to be regulated by FDA since they are merely an alternative to traditional cigarettes which are readily available. Medical experts on the other hand claim that this alternative is actually a smoking cessation product, making greater oversight possible and critical. But not all of them stand in one position as the World Health Organization considers it being a valid therapy.

The validity of WHOs stand is suppo rted by a Thomas Eissenberg study. Eissenberg is a psychologist who led a team of researchers from the Institute for Drug and Alcohol Studies at Virginia Commonwealth University. His team put 2 brands of e-cigs to the test to see their effects as against the traditional cigarettes. The findings? E-smokes fail to deliver much nicotine or help reduce cravings. They found that actual smoking dramatically increased nicotine content in the blood, while e-cigarettes increased nicotine content only nominally. What's more, the products did little to reduce cigarette cravings. Further studies are being conducted by the American Medical Association, and well see the results on June.

One more thing that we should see from the results is whether there is a net benefit for the public health, besides whether or not e-cigarettes deliver nicotine. If manufactures are proved to be misleading the public, FDA will have all the right to control electronic cigarettes. Health care work ers in medical scrubs who have real concern for peoples health will be most happy about this. In the meantime, let responsible members of the society be vigilant of the possible risks brought along by e-cigs to the smoking group and to individuals who dont smoke, like children and young adults.

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