Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Deadly Addiction to Nicotine and the Inverse Relationship to the Electronic Cigarette Information You Need to Know

There are millions of people in this World that are addicted to cigarettes. It is an unsurpassed addiction that some people can not over come.

The addiction literally takes over their lives. For others there is hope, and the addiction can be overcome with a simple tool. That simple tool is the electronic cigarette. Not only will the electronic cigarette help control the addiction, it will be controlled in a safer, healthier way that you can live your life. In now way will the electronic cigarette cure or help you quit smoking instantly, it is an alternative to smokers and a different method that bypasses current laws and regulations. There are many electronic cigarette companies out there to serve you, but the choice is simple:

The electronic cigarette and mini electronic cigarette are batter operated tools that vaporize the liquid nicotine in the electronic cigarette cartridges using an e-cigarette atomizer. Once the liquid is converted to the vapor it is then exhaled into an odorless cloud that vanishes shortly after coming from the electronic cigarette. There are many different types and flavors of refill cartridges for the electronic cigarettes. The are many flavors as well as different nicotine densities.
How will the electronic cigarette help me quit, you ask?

Well the answer lies within the densities of nicotine in the electronic cigarette cartridges. For those who are regular smokers, they should start using the High nicotine level electronic cigarette cartridges for the electronic cigarettes. Once a sustainable level is reached and the user feels as if they can maintain a lower nicotine level, then they graduate down to the Medium level for the electronic cigarette cartridges. The user should continue to use the medium level cartridges until they feel they can control their addiction and manage a lower level of nicotine. Once the users develops the confidence to lower down to the Low level cartridge, then they can continue using the Low level nicotine cartridges until they feel they have complete control over the nicotine addiction and can finally surpass the powers of nicotine addiction and finally step down to the NO nicotine level electronic cigarette c artridges.

The user should continue to use the NO level electronic cigarette cartridges only to trick the mind that they are actually smoking, when in fact all they are doing is using the vapor to simulate smoke from the electronic cigarette.

All users should find their comfort level and use only as needed. All other will experience different and faster result when using the electronic cigarette.

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