Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How an Electronic Cigarette Works

If you are a smoker you probably enjoy the dose of nicotine that you self-administer with each breath but you may not enjoy the side effects that come with cancer, such as the toxins you inhale, the smell it leaves on your clothes, the ashes that get strewn about, and not to mention the diseases that it leads to. Nicotine is a highly addictive substance that users crave after they start smoking, but because smoking a cigarette is so toxic many people are looking for alternative ways to receive their nicotine. Some people have tried patches, gum, and even nicotine-infused water but one trend that has been growing lately is the electronic cigarette.

An electronic cigarette is exactly what it sounds like it is a cigarette that runs either on batteries or a charge from a wall electric outlet or USB port on a computer. The device may either appear to be a real cigarette or some other object, such as a pen, if users want to be more discreet. Inside the device there are various components including an atomizer and a replaceable cartridge that contains a nicotine-infused liquid. The atomizer vaporizes the liquid which then creates a mist that the user is able to inhale to soothe any nicotine cravings.

When you purchase an electronic cigarette you can purchase a kit that comes with a charger, the smoking' device, as well as multiple cartridges. The cartridges contain a liquid which come in a variety of flavors so when you are purchasing an electronic cigarette it is a good idea to check with your retailer about which flavors they offer. There are a variety of electronic cigarette retailers out there today so read reviews of products before you purchase one to ensure that you are getting a quality product.

Electronic cigarettes are simple to operate and a safe alternative to real cigarettes for adults over the age of 18. They are both a healthier choice and are sure to save you money in the long run. So consider investing in an electronic cigarette today and if you are unsure of how to operate make sure you read the instructions thoroughly and ask your retailer for help.

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