Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How the Electronic Cigarette Works

Basics about Electronic Cigarettes

Here's the basic, beautiful simplicity these devices. Almost all of the electronic cigarettes out there consist of 3 major components:

A rechargeable Battery with an indicator light at the tip that lights up with the device is in use, simulating a lit cigarette. I recommend you only purchase on with a Lithium-Ion battery with solid state circuitry. The other batteries have a very high failure rate.

o NOTE: You might want to consider ordering a product that doesn't have a white battery with a red tip. While legally, you can smoke an electronic cigarette almost anywhere, the more it appears to be a real cigarette from a distance, the more likely it is you'll be asked not to smoke it because of the confusion. Personally, I like the brushed silver or Royal Blue. My sister likes pinkof course.

o NOTE: Depending upon how much you'll be using your e-cig, you may want to get an extra battery and a car charger. Most lithium-ion batteries are good for about 200-250 puffs (that's about 1 packs of cigarettes. After the initial 8-hour charge, most batteries will recharge in 2-3 hours.

An atomizer, which is basically a small heating element activated by a micro switch. This might be a separate component, or it could be built into the cartridge as it is with many of the newer models.

o NOTE: Personally, I would never purchase a unit with a separate atomizer. They burn out too easily when the cartridge starts to dry out. Also, some manufacturers don't sell separate atomizers. You have to purchase an entire starter kit to get a new one.

A cartridge that comes in various flavors with varying levels of nicotine, including zero. Here's the primary ingredients you'll find in most cartridges:

o Propylene Glycol A widely accepted, safe food additive found in many products like cosmetic, ice cream, toothpaste, and medical inhalers. Its primary purposes it to keep products moist. =50%

o Glycerol Basically sugar water. That, with the water, becomes the vaporized "smoke" when you puff on the device.=30%

o Water - <10% (I recommend only getting cartridges that have purified water in them)

o Nicotine Some manufacturers use tobacco to extract the nicotine. Others nicotine is synthesized from vegetables and other products. I prefer the non-tobacco brands. 0 1.8%

IMPORTANT: Some companies sell bottles of nicotine and flavorings to refill your own cartridges. Personally, I'm very uncomfortable with that concept. You CAN overdose on nicotine!

o Flavoring Most manufacturers use standard active ingredients to achieve the various flavors in their cartridges, like Menthol, Malic Acid, Vanillin, Accetylpyazine, and Linalyl Alcohol. <1%

IMPORTANT: Remember, what's in that cartridge is what you're inhaling. Many companies are generally safe, but look for the ones that have their cartridges manufactured in an FDA registered laboratory from high quality pharmaceutical grade products. This is one of the most important factors for you to consider because it's what you're inhaling that really matters. How it works: When the user inhales, the battery is activated, and the tip lights up indicating its working. The battery activates a microprocessor that heats up the atomizer, which is in contact with the cartridge. Some of the material in the cartridge vaporizes into water vapor which carries the desired level of nicotine into the user's mouth and lungs. When exhaled, the vapor evaporates harmlessly into the surrounding air within just a few seconds. It is completely non-flammable, as there is no ignition source The unit only activates when you are puffing on it. So, after you use it, you can simply stick it in your pocket or handbag and leave it there safely until the next time you're ready to "smoke". BONUS: Unlike a regular cigarette that continues to burn up even when you're not puffing on it, electronic cigarettes only dispense nicotine when you're puffing on them. So, if you "smoke" only a cigarette now, the rest will be waiting there in the cartridge until the next time you use it.

Switching Brands

What I always tell people that want to use the electronic cigarette, your success will come from commitment. The biggest objection I've found from new users is that they say "this is different from my cigarette". Although most everyone agrees the electronic cigarette is equally satisfying as a tobacco cigarette, there continues to be this mental obstacle to "giving up" your cigarettes. So, I always tell people, just consider it "switching brands".

Remember, you will still get the same nicotine satisfaction of a cigarette WITHOUT ANY of the dangers of tobacco, you can smoke the electronic cigarette almost anywhere, and you'll be smoking for less than the cost of what you're spending now.

Best Brand

There are several good companies out there that make decent products at varying costs. My vote always goes to the company that has the best product, the best track record, the best customer service, and meets all or most of the guidelines I've outlined above. I don't want this article to sound like an advertisement, so if you want to know more about this, visit my website below.

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