Sunday, November 27, 2011

How Does The Electronic Cigarette Work To Generate 'Smoke'?

Electric cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes or e-cigs, are an astounding innovation that is revolutionizing cigarette smoking. Electronic cigarettes are not only more cost-effective and safer than ordinary tobacco cigarettes; they make use of new technology to provide a genuine smoking experience for tobacco smokers. Nicotine gets supplied using a risk-free water vapor that imitates tobacco smoke. This vapor which is tobacco flavoured (or another flavor if you so desire), has the same exact temperature as normal smoke. The electric cigarette vapor dispels into the air within a few seconds, and does not leave a foul residue. That is to say no smoke, no smell, no ash.

You may be in doubt as to how this device works from a technological point of view. The central point of the electric cigarette is the atomizer, a part that all e-cigarettes have. Electric cigarettes come in diverse brands and designs, but all brands make use of the same basic technology.

All electronic cigarettes have these fundamental parts: A cartridge which contains nicotine and flavoring, a smart chip controller, a mouthpiece, the main casing, an atomization compartment including a rechargeable lithium battery. When you draw on an e- cigarette, the unit is turned on, and initiates the process of generating the smoke-like vapor and illuminating of the LED indicator.

Visit to get a better perspective of how electronic cigarettes work. The most important element of an electronic cigarette is the atomization compartment, the part that essentially produces the smoke-like vapor. The heating up, or atomizing the liquid in the cartridge is what produces the vapor. The tip of the unit has a light-up LED that radiates when you utilize it, to make it look exactly like the flame of a tobacco cigarette. You can place your finger on the glowing tip without getting burned since there is no real flame involved. It's cool to the touch and trendy to be seen making use of this fascinating accessory. The unit shuts itself off to save power when you stop using it.

When the e-cigarette user inhales the cigarette, he receives the sensation and nicotine dosage that he gets from tobacco smoke, but this time without the second-hand smoke, carbon monoxide, tar, or dirty ash deposit. This, in addition to substantial cost savings are the reasons why e-cigarettes are so popular, and why so many people are switching to e-cigarettes.

The significance of smoking an e-cigarette cannot be overstated.For smokers who are unwilling to or finding it difficult to stop smoking despite the health hazards invovled, I'll recommend you smoke electronic cigarettes instead. It is the only safer alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. You're sure to have a fun-filled smoking experience with e-cigarettes.

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