Monday, November 28, 2011

How do Electronic Cigarettes Work?

If you've seen people puffing on e-cigarettes but have never enjoyed one yourself, the technology that drives the device might not be obvious. A lot of people are asking the question "How do e-cigarettes work?" There are several parts to the answer, depending on which aspect of the device you're wondering about.

How do Electronic Cigarettes Work to Deliver a Hit?

Electronic cigarettes are vaporizing devices. The nicotine is part of a fluid that is held on a reservoir, usually made of cotton that is heated to the point that it boils off into a vapor. This vapor is inhaled by the user. Tobacco cigarettes work by actually combusting the plant material rolled into the cigarette. This involves much more heat than vaporizing and produces a host of chemicals that constitute some of the worst carcinogens in cigarette smoke.
How do Electronic Cigarettes Work for Long Periods of Time?

Electronic cigarettes make use of a rechargeable battery. There are some designs that feature higher voltages than others. These batteries are usually lithium products, which means that charging them for short periods of time doesn't result in the memory issues that older rechargeable batteries suffered from. Some devices also come with optional portable charging devices, which allows the user to vastly extend the time between charges.

How do Electronic Cigarettes Work when I Draw?

If you have a newer e-cig with a draw-through activation design, the e-cig initializes when you take a hit. There's usually a fraction of a second delay between the time you start drawing and when you get the vapor hit. This design allows you to avoid having one of the older button-activated systems, which could potentially activate accidentally. The draw-through systems also eliminate a mechanical co mponent, the button, which makes them a bit more durable.

Electronic cigarettes can vaporize a huge variety of flavored fluids. Some of them are provided in dropper bottles that allow you to fill your own cartridges. Others are included with the cartridges you buy, allowing you to avoid handling and storing nicotine fluid, which is more convenient for some users. The e-cigarette devices on the market today allow for long battery lives and excellent vaping experiences. The next time you're asking yourself "how do electronic cigarettes work?" remember that the best answer to that question is that they work very well and that they provide a great experience.

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