Saturday, October 15, 2011

Understanding the Mechanism and Use of Vapor Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes are also known by the name of vapor cigarettes, and they are smoking devices that are run using battery. They act as the healthier alternative to traditional tobacco-based cigarettes. They can be called as the electronic replica of traditional cigarettes, and they taste, appear and feel similar to regular cigarettes. However, they have very small percentage of harmful chemical or toxins, and thus play a key role in preserving health. According to vapor cigarette reviews, more than 30% of the global population smoke, vapor cigarettes have really come as a safer option. While some vapor cigarettes are designed to allow smokers to control smoking, there are others that have been designed to make smoking safer than ever before.

Vapor cigarette or e cigs are also known as smokeless cigarettes or personal vaporizers. They can also release flavored vapors and they don't produce smoke or harmful carbon monoxide gas, and there is no residual ash. Because they don't produce any kind of smoke your mouth or clothes don't emit any smell of cigarette. And, it is for these reasons that e cigs are not banned for use in any place.

These cigarettes emit illusory smoke which is in the form of vapor and produced using water, nicotine, propylene glycol and glycerin. It can be inhaled and exhaled similar to normal smoke. And, the plume is created using the water vapor. There are numerous benefits associated with these cigarettes. According to many vapor cigarette reviews, smokers have also accepted that they have saved lots of money by using them as they are much economical as compared to your regular cigarettes. They don't come with the hazards that are linked with use of traditional cigarettes. Your regular cigarettes are known to cause burns, and even begin forest or residential fires.

Basically, a Vapor cigarette has three major parts the mouthpiece, the electronic circuit and the atomizer. The mouthpiece is made using metal or plastic. The produced vapor is drawn into the mouth using the mouthpiece. The cartridge holding liquid nicotine is also housed in this mouthpiece. You can replace the mouthpiece on the basis of whether you have bought an e cig with refillable cartridge or not. The electronic circuit comprises of a rechargeable battery that turns on the heating element. You can choose an automatic or manual e cig, which determines whether the heating takes place automatically or manually. An LED is affixed at the tip of the cigarette that lights similar to the flame of a regular cigarette. The third part, the atomizer vaporizes the nicotine by heating-up the element. It can either be placed separately or placed within the mouthpiece.

You can choose the liquid solution in order to enjoy the flavor of your choice. The nicotine concentration determines the strength of the vapor inhaled by you. You can chose different flavors in the liquid like coffee, menthol, fruit or chocolate. You can get vapor cigarette in various designs, shapes, sizes and price. Additionally, you need to check the law of your country or state before you starts using it.

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