Friday, October 14, 2011

Don't Buy South Beach Vapor Cigarettes Until You Read This!

Don't buy South Beach vapor cigarettes until you read this so you can make an informed decision. Are South Beach vapor cigarettes safe? The best answer is that no one has proven that South Beach vapor cigarettes are not safe to use. Even the FDA has no clinical studies or documented proof that vapor cigarettes are dangerous to use. One point that is clear is that vapor cigarettes are a thousand times less dangerous than the rolled tobacco you might still be lighting up.

With Valentine's Day around the corner everybody is looking for the perfect gift to get their valentine. If your valentine still smokes, a South Beach vapor cigarette would be the perfect gift. Consider all the other cessation products available on the market that do not work. Most smokers who have used nicotine gum or patches report failure in being able to kick the habit of smoking rolled tobacco. While 80% of those who have tried a vapor cigarette like South Beach offers have reported nothing but success.

South Beach vapor cigarettes are one of many vapor cigarettes that are available online and can be purchased from a website. South Beach vapor cigarettes continue to be one of the front runners of vapor cigarettes available to consumers. Their quality is among the top for those that offer vapor cigarettes as they pass along real value to the consumer in their prices. South Beach vapor cigarettes also offer choice to the customer.

Many of the first vapor cigarettes available had a 3-piece design to their structure. Which required a little more care and maintenance for the individual using the vapor cigarette. The biggest difference was in the middle of it's structure. Where an antomizer is used and has to be cleaned regularly and replaced from time to time.

South Beach vapor cigarettes was one of the first to improve their product through research and engineering. Coming up with the 2-piece design. With this variety of South Beach vapor cigarette there is now cleaning or maintenance required for the atomizer. Each cartridge contains an atomization chamber and a heating coil that encirlces the chamber and heats the liquid creating the vapor. With South Beach vapor cigarettes you can now get a fresh atomizer with each new cartridge.

Making South Beach vapor cigarettes clearly unique. The consumer can choose between the two when they are ordering. Some may find the old style more to their liking while others prefer the new design. The benefit of the 2-piece design offers an added convenience that others don't offer.

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