Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Thinking Trying Electronic Cigarettes?

Not sure about converting to the e-cigarette or have questions about them? You are able to rapidly discover solutions from the ecig forum. This forum is strictly dedicated to talking about all issues related to cigarettes. health advantages linked with ecigs, how they have helped people stop smoking, as well as how you are able to sell them online if you're so inclined.

The ecig forum enables you to discuss the various brands and models of ecigs with individuals who have already tried them and can discuss their own knowledge with you. If you're to the e-cigarette world there is a special section primarily for "newbies". You can obtain all of your ecig facts and also have all your questions answered in one place with out losing several hours of one's time at different sites around the web.

The ecig forum is not just for newbies though, it is also for long-time electronic cigarette smokers to discuss their stories and experiences with other forum members. Discuss which manufacturers you have tried, your current preferred brand and what flavor cartridges or liquids you enjoy the best. Like any quality online community, the knowledgeable users help the new ones by answering questions as well as relaying their own individual experiences to them. It's a great resource to bounce thoughts from other members and compare and contrast your knowledge.

There are actually categories around the forum for many of the preferred ecig brands and more are being added as the forum develops and new manufacturers emerge. A second section lets members talk about the medical related findings surrounding e-cigarettes and how their personal health has been impacted by changing from ordinary cigarettes to electronic ones. There is also a "smoking lounge" within the ecig forum where you are able to talk about something that's on your mind regardless if it's related to e-cigarettes or not.
So if you find yourself in search of a website to gather help and advice to make an educated decision about whether or not to create the switch to ecigs or if you're already an avid e-cigarette smoker and trying to find other people like yourself to bounce ideas off of or compare opinions then the ecig forum is exactly the site for you.

Why Choose E-Cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes are a healthier, more economical, and smarter replacement for conventional cigarettes. These electronic cigarettes or "ecigs" as they're oftentimes referred, are special in that they use a battery to power them, output no smoke or odor, and include none of the chemicals found in standard cigarettes. The nicotine is available in the form of a cartridge or liquid drops which is in turn converted to vapor when smoked.

The reason ecigs are better for the smoker is due to the fact that they do not contain any of the unsafe substances that standard cigarettes conta in. A few of these additives include ammonia, carbon monoxide, and even arsenic. Obviously, this isn't really the concoction your body craves on a daily basis.. The electronic cigarette is also less hazardous seeing as there is no "lighting" process or burning of the end of the cigarette which lets off these substances into the environment, hence avoiding any chance of inhaling second-hand smoke. The only thing exhaled is a cloud of water vapor, which is odorless..

Vapor being the only thing emitted from the e-cigarette is significant for another reason too. Without all those awful carcinogens and chemicals being released into the atmosphere it's substantially healthier for the environment and everyone around you. It is because of this that it is okay to enjoy electronic cigarettes in public places including bars and restaurants. You're bound to get a few heads to turn doing so and probably even the occasional jealous smoker sneering from afar.

An addit ional cause for the common cigarette smoker to be envious with the ultra hip ecig smoker will be the effectiveness of them. There's no have to go out and purchase a new pack every single day or couple days, no lighters to carry about, or ashtrays to worry about. You no lengthier need to be worried with how your breath or hair smells following that last smoke. No much more having to worry about your household members and buddies inhaling your second hand smoke.

All in all, if you are a conventional cigarette smoker who's looking to quit or simply looking for a more healthy, smarter way to smoke, there's no better option than the electronic cigarette. It's got all of the advantages of regular cigarettes in that they still include nicotine but none of the dangerous additives or nasty side effects. Ecigs allow you to casually smoke in bars and dining establishments without annoying other patrons with dangerous and smelly tobacco smoke and do not require you to continu ally go to the store for a new pack or lighter every few days. There is little chance that smoking will ever be good for you, but if you do smoke, do it smarter and go electronic.
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