Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Smokers Cite Many Reasons They Buy Electronic Cigarettes

Worldwide, smokers are beginning to buy electronic cigarettes in place of traditional tobacco cigarettes for a variety of reasons. While every smoker has a different reason when they choose to buy electronic cigarettes, there's no doubt that the different benefits electronic cigarettes offer are benefiting everyone.

One reason that smokers have chosen to buy electronic cigarettes instead of tobacco cigarettes is because of health reasons. Since electronic cigarettes are a safer alternative to tobacco cigarettes, smokers say they feel healthier overall than when they smoked tobacco cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes use e-liquid to supply the smoker with nicotine, as it's made with nicotine and only one other chemical, which is called propylene glycol, and is only included in e-liquid to aid in the vaporization of the liquid. When smokers buy electronic cigarettes, they also have to buy e-liquid or cartridges that include the e-liquid, and this liquid contains far fewer chemicals than tobacco cigarettes do, which is a huge reason smokers buy electronic cigarettes. With fewer carcinogens and additives, electronic cigarettes offer smokers the chance to stop putting harmful chemicals into their body just so they can get nicotine and so they can enjoy the act of smoking.

Most smokers who buy electronic cigarettes begin smoking electronic cigarettes by purchasing e-cigarette kits, which provide smokers all they need to smoke electronic cigarettes. E-Cigarette kits include the main piece, batteries, a charger, cartridges, and sometimes e-juice. Some e-cigarette kits include different adapters as well, and depending on what kind of e-cigarette kits are purchased, they're also referred to as personal charging cases, so the smoker can carry around the charging supplies. Not having the battery of their electronic cigarettes charged is like having a cigarette without a lighter, so most smokers who buy electronic cigarettes always keep a battery charger or spare battery and e-liquid or cartridges handy so that they can always smoke. Another advantage is that electronic cigarettes are often cheaper for most smokers, since they smoke less as they don't feel obligated to smoke an entire cigarette just because it's in their hands. Therefore, smokers o nly have to buy electronic cigarettes on a less frequent basis than on a pack or more a day basis like they do with tobacco cigarettes.

Even non-smokers are buying smokers e-cigarette kits in an attempt to urge smokers to change. Since e-cigarettes don't let off any second hand smoke, non-smokers are more tolerant of e-cigarettes. That's certainly a huge reason that many smokers are choosing to buy electronic cigarettes!

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