Friday, October 7, 2011

Quit Smoking Cigarettes With the Electronic Cigarette

Quit Smoking Cigarettes With Electronic Cigarette Trial Starter Kit Quit smoking cigarettes fast with a new revolutionary e-cigarette. [removed]//

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Quit Smoking Cigarettes With Electronic Cigarette Trial Starter Kit


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PRLog (Press Release) Apr 12, 2010 "Quit Smoking Cigarettes" is a brand new campaign. If you've been trying to quit smoking cigarettes in vain, this is for you. Countless number of people have already been able to quit smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes and replace them with safer ecigarettes.

Electronic cigarette (also know as electric cigarette and smokeless cigarette) does not contain various dangerous chemicals that are found in regular tobacco cigarette. It only contains nicotine. There are cartridges available that don't have even nicotine, so you can enjoy even safer smoking without getting a lung cancer or any other nasty disease.

Tobacco, cherry, menthol, apple - these are just some of the flavors that are available as ecigarette cartridges.

The electronic cigarette consists of two separate parts:

1) The long part includes micro-electronic technology (also known as an atomizer) and a battery that is rechargeable

2) The short part consists of flavored ecigarette cartridge.

Quit smoking cigarettes today and start living a healthier lifestyle with a new smokeless electronic cigarette.

Read why this is a bad PR article and bad for the electronic cigarette industry at And read why this free trail electronic cigarette trial offer is not free at all.

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