Friday, October 7, 2011


New Hampshire is the latest state to push for a ban on minors from purchasing electronic cigarettes. Electronic Cigarette Nation Supports these measures in full.

There are two essential reasons that this is good news:

1) We don't want to see minors start smoking anything (analog cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, illegal drugs, etc.)

2) When electronic cigarettes are accepted to be for adults only, there is no reason to ban them altogether unless you ban analog cigarettes (that wont happen)

The exciting thing about this story, the youth are the ones proposing it. The high school students are shocked that their peers can walk into a store and buy an electronic cigarette today. Electronic Cigarettes were made as an alternative for smokers and not for someone to start. These have helped a vast amount of tobacco users toss their analog cigarettes aside once and for all.

Electronic Cigarette Nation has taken a strong stance in prohibiting sales to minors and will continue to promote this trend.If you have any questions or would like to help, please feel free to contact us at webmaster@electroniccigarettenation.comtoday.

UPDATE:Other states have began passing bans on minors from using electronic cigarettes. This is a great step to prevent minors frombecomingaddicted to nicotine!

UPDATE: The AAPHP has recommended that the FDA approve electronic cigarettes and suggests that they could reduce deaths from 400,000 a year to nearly 10,000 a year. This isstaggeringand we should join the cause! If you would like to know more, please contact us!

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