Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The New E-Cigarette Review

The new e-cigarette is an alternative to tobacco products like cigars, pipes and cigarettes. I am a tobacco smoker and an electronic cigarette smoker. I am so very close to quitting tobacco products permanently because of the new e-cigarette!! It looks and feels like a cigarette, it even tastes like a cigarette. Frankly, I think the electronic cigarette tastes better than a tobacco cigarette.

The new e-cigarette has various options to purchase. When I say options, I mean that you can get basically 3 different levels of nicotine in the new e-cigarette. Not only can you purchase a variety of nicotine levels, but you can also purchase a variety of flavors! The flavors available are: cherry (which is my favorite), chocolate, vanilla, coffee, and apple. The new e-cigarette is considered high tech and I am always up for testing out new gadgets. I have been trying to quit tobacco for years. I have tried the nicotine gum, different eating habits, etc... But to no avail, hav e I ever come close to quitting until I stumbled upon the electronic cigarette. This is the best invention since underwear in my opinion!! It offers me a healthier lifestyle that also creates a healthier environment for me and my family, my friends, and my pets. You know why? The e-cigarette has no second hand smoke that is emitted into the air. There is no need for ash trays because you do not have any ashes. The smoke that you see from the new e-cigarette is actually vapor. See more on my review: The new e-cigarette review

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