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Electronic Cigarettes help Stop Smoking What is an electronic cigarette?

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What is an electronic cigarette?

Electronic Cigarettes Inc. is offering you a numerous product, a new idea, a revolutionary advance leadership break that is ulterior to change the way people smoke forever. Imagine a smoking alternative that looks, tastes, feels, and acts be pleased a cigarette but doesn't actually produce any "real" result. Instead, tangible utilizes a tar free, odorless, nicotine vapor that is free of many of the chemicals found ropes standard cigarettes.

The advance it works is simple. Each electronic cigarette or "e-cig" has a battery, an atomizer, and a cartridge filled with a liquid nicotine solution. Upon inhalation, a device is switched on which sends a gesture to a heating account inside of the unit, called an "Atomizer". The e-cig atomizer heats up quickly besides vaporizes the liquid nicotine solution recreation a vapor that replicates the look and taction of smoke.
The Answers to all you Electronic Cigarette Questions
What is an e cigarette cartridge?

The ElectronicCigarettesInc cartridge is the portion of the e cigarette that contains the nicotine liquid. The nicotine is available at various strengths further flavors. The strength's available are distinguished (16mg nicotine), medium (12mg nicotine), disconsolate (6mg nicotine), again no nicotine cartridges (0mg nicotine). The cartridges we stock are available in either Original Tobacco or Menthol. If you are looking for more flavors you can check superficial our line of E-Liquid. Our E-Liquid bag contains flavor such as Tobacco, Menthol, Chocolate, Vanilla, Cappuccino, Apple, Cherry, Strawberry and more. Also look out for our line of American E-Liquid, untrue right here prestige the states! Our Duo know onions model features the atomizer built right into the cartridge.

When do I replace my e cigarette cartridge?

When you begin to notice less amounts of vapor when you "puff" your e-cigarette, this is a good indication the nicotine cartridge is great dispirited besides will hunger to be replaced. A cartridge is match to roughly 10-30 tobacco cigarettes, depending on the draft. So each cartridge is about half a pack to a move and a half of traditional cigarettes..

What is E-Liquid?

E-Liquid or nicotine juices is the perception that is contained within the cartridges and is eventually vaporized. The E-liquid is essentially where the vapor comes from in an electronic cigarette or essential vaporizer. We currently sell e-liquids that can symbolize used to fill unraveling cartridges for your Vapor sovereign electronic cigarette cartridges or refill them when they run melancholy. We have a variety of different flavors over contrasting likings and they can even be mixed sharp to create your grant personalized flavor. We currently stock both imported and A merican made e-liquid for the highest caliber nicotine control on the market. And accede our atomizers on the Vapor emperor are comply elaborating consequently you can drain your e-liquid directly onto the atomizer, bypassing the use of cartridges.

How long does an electronic cigarette barrage last? uses different high quality, high-tech lithium-ion batteries. Depending on the kit these batteries typically promote approximately around 200-300 puffs with normal use before they need to be charged. Most of our starter kits get 2 batteries so one can charge while the other sole is in use.

What other models do you carry? recognizes that polished are specific models of energetic cigarette's which buy a strong following and customer loyalty. Our representatives have personally visited a number of factories and reviewed a number of shape prototypes to find the highest q uality units with regards to nervy battery life, high vapor and nice throaty hits as we know these factors are acutely important! close a explicit search, we have manufactured two of the foremost quality electronic cigarette kits on the market. is currently carrying the Vapor King and The yoke Pro. being of because we atmosphere our current lineup is unmatched by share competitor. We are constantly reputation the works ditch new designs and blueprints for future models. So you rap always expect to find the incredibly up to date again newest e cigarette technology. We also take whole-hog accessories for them including cartridges, e-liquids, batteries, atomizers, and even USB pass through devices. The disposable atomizer electronic cigarette utensils is still unmatched by section of these divers units in regards to cartridge life, and the Vapor King is unmatched thanks to vapor production. For continued loyalty we will keep our prices competitively moody and always unshackle shipping and no sales tax (excluding NY).

What is the length of your electronic cigarette? Is length important?

Currently our Duo accomplished Electronic cigarette (cartomizer) kits are available money 107mm. The Vapor King e cigarette measures fame at 112 x 9.2 mm. We have personally tested copious sizes of E Cigs and found the longer the battery, the longer the life between charges and a much higher capacity of occur produced. We have experimented with sizes disconsolate to 84mm but unfortunately the cannonade ball game influence such a product is just not up to our expectations.

get done your electronic cigarette cartridges show in different strengths?

Our electronic cigarette cartridges do pop in consequence different strengths however they trust not been studied for their power use as a nicotine replacement therapy nor conclude they been cultured by the FDA as a stuffy cessation antecedent. We do carry our electronic cigarette kits again cartridges in high, medium, low and comparable non-nicotine. Typically a user will should just use a strength they feel prosperous with.

Are your electronic cigarettes designed to second me quit smoking?

Our e-cigarettes are simply an choice to roasting cigarettes. They have not been tested as a tropical cessation item and should odd body viewed due to simply an alternative to febrile tobacco. They should not be used by non-smokers.

Is your disposable atomizer e cigarette equipment the same one they are selling elsewhere owing to more?

We have instigate knock-offs of our influential cigarette kits selling elsewhere over ripening to $199.95 without free shipping! umpteen companies will take our electric cig kit and ensconce their adduce on the box again sell it owing to much fresh. So buyer beware don't buy a unit since of the packaging or name, but authentic for the price and temper. Our starter kits start at $54.95 ditch free shipping.

I purchased an electronic cigarette kit from a different company and it is no longer powerful vapor. How come?

There are a few issues which could be causing your potent cig to stop producing vapor. One is the atomizer could be fried. The atomizer is the electric device (alike to a thin coil) that heats advance to keenly high temperatures which pull turn vaporizes the liquid nicotine to produce your puff. discrepant companies cherish to sell 3-piece electric cigarettes keep from a battery, cartridge, also atomizer. The atomizers ropes some of the lower end designs are notorious in that failing over case and leave at once postulate to be replaced; it's just ideal of the mind-set. This is one of the benefits of having our disposable atomizer (cartomizer) electric cigarette kits over you never deem to spring from the atomizer In pass you replace the atomizer with every cartridge automatically! However the Vapor tsar unit has a ext raordinary build record further you commit not run diversion any atomizer issues lie low it. So when these atomizers stop working correctly you will consummate no blaze besides in turn no vapor. Another explanation could be a tame battery. Many brands you see on line are selling dispirited quality batteries which personalized last a few charges. Electronic Cigarettes Inc batteries are high-tech lithium batteries and warranted for a full 30 days! Lastly one of the easiest explanations could personify is that your cartridge simply ran independent of liquid nicotine. This is an light fix just displace the cartridge :)

What is a Personal Vaporizer?

A personal vaporizer is just a changed name for an electronic cigarette. Many people will refer to it as this considering the circumstance actually does vaporize the nicotine containment absorption a mist hence it is hold essence a symbolic vaporizer. further many e cigarette fans out there will use th eir diagnostic vaporizer with juices. We presuppose contemporary selling nicotine liquids in which customers can use to fill up empty cartridges or even drip pdq onto the atomizer for godsend with their regular vaporizer.

I think the electronic cigarette is a great stop smoking aid and definitely the best nicotine replacement therapy available on the market but should we really be treating them as a long term substitute for smoking or a stepping stone to a drug free existence? I used the e cigarette along with the "easy way to stop smoking" book by Allen Carr to rid myself of nicotine and wholeheartedly recommend them to any smoker who wants to quit. But, my belief is that our aim should be to work on becoming nicotine free as possible.

Don"t get me wrong, swapping tobacco for vaporized nicotine is going to do wonders for your health if you are a long term smoker but cutting out nicotine entirely should be the next step.

What I have disc overed is that a life that doesn"t revolve around a drug addiction is a happier, more content life. What"s natural about having a constant urge to supply your body with a chemical, whether natural or man made, at regular intervals throughout the day? To me there is something wrong with finding yourself on this amazing planet and being horrified that you have run out of nicotine, but this is the predicament smokers find themselves whenever they find their supplies diminishing. Cut out the addiction and you"ll be surprised how simple things become far more enjoyable and you"ll probably find that you become a more productive human being.

I know that many people who are still smoking or vaping are going to have a fit when they read this but I"m not writing with the intent of pissing people off, I just want convince as many people as possible that they can live a life without nicotine and the first step in doing so is realizing that whatever you think it adds to your life is an illusion.

There"s no doubt in my mind that E Cigarettes are miles ahead of tobacco products as a way to deliver nicotine to the system in terms of their effect on your health but is your aim to find a healthier way to be a drug addict or to free yourself from the shackles of addiction for good?

My advice is to get a hold of the "Easy way to stop smoking" book and an E cigarette if you need it as a way to get off the smokes. In time wean yourself off nicotine altogether and you"ll find life to be an altogether more enjoyable experience.

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