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Mini Electronic Cigarette and the Information You Want to Know!

Electronic Cigarette Info You must know

Let's face it - tobacco was popular long before cigarettes existed, and it has only increased in popularity with the widespread availability of tobacco products. Today's smokers, however, have a much harder time enjoying the cigarette smoke after work or a meal because of all the social and medical attention smoking receives. Not only are there always new medical studies showing the Serious health risks of tobacco, but the concerns about second hand smoke have driven tobacco cigarette smokers into their homes and cars, away from public areas. As a result, some have been experimenting with safer and milder cigarettes since they first became aware of the potential health risks associated with smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Filters and Light Tobacco Cigarettes

The first major step toward chemical free cigarettes was decreasing. Decrease in the amount of nicotine and tar a smoker inhales. While filters were instituted largely to enhance the pleasure of smoking, they do help reduce the amount of chemicals that reach the lungs. For primarily the same reason, smaller and milder tobacco products were marketed by traditional tobacco companies such as Marlboro and Camel and are known today as "lights" or "ultra lights." While light cigarettes do contain fewer dangerous chemicals, there are still enough to cause health problems in smokers. Many smokers claim that it takes longer to become addicted to light cigarettes, but this means nothing in the long-term. Unfortunately, it is the long term scenarios where tobacco products really take their toll. Though lights remain popular among smokers simply because they are less harsh, most scientists maintain that the small difference in composi tion between light and full-flavored cigarettes does not necessarily result in a safer smoking experience.
Other Alternatives

Chewing tobacco and other kinds of tobacco products that do not require smoking are thought to be slightly safer than traditional cigarettes because users avoid the risk of cancer associated with regularly inhaling smoke into one's lungs. Just as cigarettes can lead to heart and lung cancer, though, chewing tobacco multiplies the likelihood of contracting mouth, tongue, or throat cancer, so it is difficult to honestly call it a safe alternative to cigarettes. Rolling one's own natural tobacco cigarettes has also undergone a surge in popularity because natural tobacco contains no additives. Of course, very few people who smoke natural tobacco use filters, as they are used to regular cigarettes that usually contain more nicotine. This means that smoking natural tobacco, while safer in that it doesn't expose the user to synthetic che micals or additives can still increase the risk of heart disease and lung cancer simply because of the harsh nature of unprocessed tobacco.
A Different Approach to Chemical Free Cigarettes

While people have known about and been concerned with the medical issues associated with smoking and tobacco for a long time, a truly chemical free cigarette seemed impossible. Enter the electronic cigarette. Considered to be the safest alternative to tobacco cigarettes, electronic cigarettes are as good as they sound. Essentially, they're cigarette-shaped devices that do not require a flame. While electronic cigarettes do contain nicotine, it is the only chemical that users inhale, allowing them to satisfy their cravings while avoiding most of the health risks of smoking. Smokelessdelite is the world's largest distributor of electronic cigarettes and is committed to providing smokers with the nicotine sensations they are used to without the added social and medical pr oblems.

Smokeless Delite electronic cigarettes safer than tobacco for two reasons. First, there is no smoke involved, which reduces the risk of heart disease and lung cancer. Secondly, and most importantly, electronic cigarettes contain only one chemical -- nicotine. Many do not consider these chemical free cigarettes a viable option because they recognize their psychological dependence on the actual inhalation and exhalation of smoke. Most smokers would simply go back to tobacco cigarettes rather than live without the feelings associated with traditional tobacco smoking. Smokelessdelite electronic cigarette recognizes this problem. In addition to nicotine, electronic cigarettes contain water vapor and propylene glycol, a common ingredient in food coloring that gives the water vapor enough color to be seen by the smoker as he inhales and exhales. These chemicals are only added to give one the illusion of smoking. This electornic cigarette technology increases t he pleasure of using electronic cigarettes.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Perhaps the biggest improvement on traditional smoking offered by electronic cigarettes is the freedom from smoking bans. It is getting more and more difficult to smoke in public places, so those who need nicotine at work, while shopping, or while dining out often risk negative perceptions. Smokeless Delite e-cigarette offers people the ability to smoke anywhere with their personal electronic cigarette. As electronic cigarettes do not actually require a flame and users exhale little except water vapor, officials in parts of Europe have deemed the electronic cigarette a public-friendly tobacco product. For those who are tired of walking twenty feet away from a restaurant just to have a cigarette after dinner or driving around town during lunch to have a chance to smoke, Smokelessdelite e-cigarette may be the safest and most socially acceptable chemical free cigarette on the market.

Smokelessdelite e-cigarettes is also likel y to go over well with your budget because electronic cigarettes are cheaper than tobacco products. Instead of smoking a pack a day, or about twenty cigarettes, you can get just the right amount of nicotine with only one Smokelessdelite electric cigarette cartridge, which is equivalent to about thirty cigarettes, or a pack and half. As you will essentially be smoking the same cigarette until it runs out or starts to taste weak, this may mean actually smoking less. If you aren't dependent upon a certain number of cigarettes, but rather a specific amount of nicotine, it is far easier to satisfy your cravings while going about your day. Even if you continue to use the same amount of nicotine, the cartridges come in groups of five for fifteen dollars, which works out to approximately one dollar per pack. If you combine the health benefits with the invaluable worth of being able to enjoy a cigarette whenever or wherever you want, it is clear that Smokelessdelite electronic cigare tte is indeed a safer alternative to regular cigarettes and tobacco products. While there is no such thing as a completely safe amount of nicotine, chemical free cigarettes come close with the elctronic cigarette.

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