Sunday, October 9, 2011

Electronic Cigarettes – A Healthy Alternative of Your Smoking Passion

Electronic Cigarettes or E Cigarette is the most modern electronic smoking choice for cigarette users. It is very useful electronics device to help cigarette users to stop habits of smoking. Electronic Cigarette is the same as original cigarette in look and feel, but E Cigarette vaporizes a nicotine liquid known as e-liquid into a tar free, and odourless vapour in place of burning tobacco and producing smoke. It produced vapour automatically through each puff and vapour is the same as smoke of real cigarettes. You will get real experience of smoke from Electronic Cigarettes and once activated will show a red led light at the end.

E Cigarette A Contemporary Way to Manage Your Smoking Habits

E Cigarette Components

The Battery: Electronic Cigarette contains lithium-ion type rechargeable batt ery having button to press by user to send a charge to the atomiser.

The Atomiser: It is considered as main part of E Cigarette in which the heating coil is the main element. The atomiser heats up the coil when the charge receives from the battery. Then, it will vaporise the e-liquid in the cartridge.

The Cartridge: When user suck on the cartridge of Electric Cigs, E Liquid travel through the atomiser and it vaporised there when inhaled by users.

You can find different flavors of E-Liquid in great variety of flavors with power of nicotine to give you satisfaction of real smoking.

The LED light at the end of E Cigarette simulates the burning and indicates battery status.

How Electronic Cigarettes Works?

E Cigarette vaporizing a liquid nicotine solution into tar free and clean tasting nicotine vapours. When you inhale it, the battery will activate and send a signal to atomiser to fire up and it will produce vapour immediately. Working style of E Cigarette is same as real cigarette, but you can save your body from tar and tobacco, which is the main advantage of Vapes Electronic Cigarette.

Advantages of Vapes Electronic Cigarettes

There are many benefits of Vapes Electronic Cigarette or E Cigarette as follows

People who wish to need an alternative of cigarette than Electric Cigs or E Cigarette is the best option. It gives user experiences of real smoking with varieties of flavors.

Vapes Electronic Cigarette offers healthy way to use cigarette as it prevents you from inhaling harmful tar and nicotine. In addition it prevents you from nearly 4000 carcinogens which are used in an ordinary cigarette.

It is also eco-friendly and keeps your safe from carbon monoxide as there is no burning.

It helps people who smoke for more than one or two decades to leave habits of cigarette.

It is very economical compare to original cigarette as cartridge of E Cigarette will last between 200 and 250 puffs.

There is a great opportunity to become a Vapes Distributor. Demand of Electronic Cigarette is increasing very rapidly due to its popularity and it become safe for health. People are nowadays more concern about their health and therefore they always prefer something new and healthy. You can take opportunity to earn more profit as Electronic Cigarette Company Distributor.

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