Sunday, March 11, 2012

What are ecigs? Some Useful Information!

Smoking, as we all know, is a bad habit that can lead to chronic illnesses, such as cancer, heart disease, lung disease, ulcers and so on. The solution for preventing such health complications is to quit smoking altogether, but this is easier said than done because smoking is such an addictive habit that's quite difficult to kick off.

Why? When you stop smoking, you are bound to get cravings and are very likely to reach out for a cigarette again. Now there is an alternative to the traditional cigarette the e-cigarette or ecigs. An e-cigarette is an electronic device that gives off a vaporized nicotine flavor, which makes a person feel like they are really smoking a cigarette. The nicotine solution is filled into refillable cartridges and upon activation it is vaporized by an electronic heating unit inside the cigarette. In a manual e-cigarette, this heating unit is activated through the press of a button, but in an automatic one, it is activated by simple inhaling.

The nicotine solution gives a really satisfying smoke, just like your regular smoke. You can opt from varying percentages of nicotine such as 68mg/ml, 1014mg/ml, 1618mg/ml, and 2054mg/ml. You can opt for solutions that taste very much like specific cigarette brands that you prefer such as Marlboro, B&H etc. There are also solutions that do not contain any nicotine. Such solutions include fruit flavors and other flavors such as coffee, vanilla or caramel.

e-cigarettes offer you a low-cost alternative to your traditional cigarette. The money you spend on a traditional cigarette is certainly an expense that you can cut down by buying ecigs.

Those who want to get themselves off the habit will find them to be quite helpful as they give the same sensation as a real cigarette without the associated health problems. By choosing a low-level nicotine solution cartridge, you can slowly bring down nicotine dependency and in time opt for zero nicotine solutions. If you prefer nicotine e-cigarette solutions to solutions with fruit flavorings, choose an electronic cigarette with a safety feature. Such a cigarette regulates your nicotine intake and prevents you from consuming too much of solution quickly. You can do away with the problem of stained teeth and bad breath.

Ecigs give you the freedom to smoke in public places, indoors and in places where there is a ban on smoking. In working areas where there are groups of smoker, having an e-cigarette certainly improves environment conditions, not just for those who smoke, but also for non-smokers. Getting ecigs solution cartridges is easy, as you can find them in clubs, libraries, offices, airports, and so on.

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