Sunday, March 18, 2012

Unlocked! A Few Truths With Regards To Ecigs

It is said that when a person overcomes an addiction, a reversal of role takes place. You gain your strength back and your addiction no longer has its treacherous hold on your life. When you smoke electronic cigarettes, you buy back your freedom as you are able to resist real cigarettes. They really make your road to recovery a bit less bumpy! No matter, how long you have been addicted to smoking, this hottest device i.e. e-cig can help you avoid smoking temptations.

I Gain the Strength of Every Addiction I Resist!

Without any negative effects on your health, these look and feel-like cigarettes have become the latest trend among the youngsters. They boast of having no tar, no burning substances and of course zero second hand smoke. Advanced versions have safety features which prevent a person from consuming too much nicotine. What is even better is that, there are also ecigs with nicotine free type refills which virtually annihilate consumption of nicotine.

I Enjoy Breathing Clean And Fresh Air!

As an icing to an already lovely cake, these smokeless cigarettes give a person the freedom to smoke anywhere they like. In other words, smokers can get their fix of nicotine without any impending bans or smoking restrictions. They have no passive effects too and non-smokers can finally breathe a sigh of relief! This is possible only because they do not burn tobacco. They leave the area smelling good and the place become odorless within a short time. Therefore, people are at last given the freedom to breathe a whiff of clean and fresh air!

Purchasing the refill cartridges is not as expensive as buying regular cigarettes. Therefore, it does not leave a gaping hole in the pockets of these smokers! There are also times when traditional smokers curse themselves when they find holes in their car seats, carpets, shirts etc. These cigarettes give them no cause for such worries. This is because there is no real fire but just a red illumination on the tip! They also turn on by themselves when a person inhales them so no need to carry matchboxes as well.

Of course, all people who know the harmful effects of regular cigarettes, have jumped on the band wagon of ecigs these days for good reasons. They smoke them whenever they feel the urge to smoke as these cigarettes are harmless to the body. This is because water vapors that come out are only inhaled and not actual tobacco laden smoke.

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