Friday, March 16, 2012

M401 Ecig - Discover the Most Effective Way For Pregnant Women to Quit Smoking

M401 Ecig

Early on in pregnancy most mothers to be find that they already feel an instinctive desire to protect their unborn babies. And for women who are smoking when pregnant the desire sets in to quit smoking because they know that their smoking habit is putting their baby at risk.

Unfortunately, many of these pregnant women, even with their great intentions never do manage to stop smoking. So for nine months they subject their babies to the toxins and chemicals in cigarette smoke. Some of these women never make it to nine months because their baby is born pre-term due to their smoking habit. Some of these women have underweight babies. An in the worst possible case scenario some miscarry due to their deadly habit.

These women are not necessarily "weak" or guilty of any crime greater than not being able to quit one of the most addictive chemicals that exists; Nicotine. Quitting smoking is one of the hardest things to do, and it can be even harder for an expecting mother if she is feeling tense or stressed about her impending delivery.

Pregnant women who want to quit smoking are somewhat between a rock and a hard place. They want to quit smoking but many smoking cessation methods are not realistic for them. Smoking cessation medications are not safe for pregnant women. The patch is not a viable option because it still feeds nicotine into their system which is harmful for their baby. M401 Ecig

However, there is a way to quit smoking that is completely safe and highly effective for pregnant women. It is hypnotherapy; particularly a very specific form of hypnotherapy known as Neuro Linguistic Programming, or NLP. This type of hypnotherapy has been proven in tests to have a greater than 90% success rate which is much, much higher than other smoking cessation techniques.

NLP is not the sit in the couch and get hypnotized kind of hypnotherapy. It is more of a targeted therapy that focuses on and removes the cravings to smoke. Unlike traditional hypnotherapy you do not have to visit a professional to quit smoking. Through the use of modern technology all you need to do is listen to an NLP recording to have the cravings to smoke removed and quit smoking. You do not even have to leave home.

The added benefit of NLP for women who are smoking when pregnant is that it is completely safe for them. There are no chemicals or medications involved. NLP is also known to work very fast. In many cases it only takes one listen of an NLP smoking cessation recording to quit smoking. M401 Ecig

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