Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How to Fill Ecig Cartridge: Some General Tips!

Electronic cigarettes are quite effective in assisting those who are trying to quit smoking. Those who have used ecigs report that they felt a sense of satisfaction in using it, just like a traditional cigarette. They did not go back to using a normal pack afterwards and the number of times they smoked in a day also reduced over the period of time.

Electronic cigarette have a nicotine cartridge inside which gets heated when the device is turned on. You can buy new ecig cartridges else you can fill your ecig cartridges yourself. If you use the drip method of refilling the cartridges, you would need to open up the ecig cartridge and remove the polyester filling, inside the cartridge. Put a few drops into the cartridge using a dropper and put back the polyester filling into the cartridge. The filling should get soaked and you can add a few more drops to make sure that it is saturated. Take care not to overload the polyester filling as otherwise the solution will accumulate at the top of the cartridge.

Another method that you can use is the injection method, wherein you can inject liquid nicotine directly into the cartridge from the bottom. This process is an easier way of filling the cartridge because it does not create a mess.

When filling the cartridges, you have to take into account the following precautions:

Keep the cartridge out of children's reach. Keep the cartridge in a cool place Carefully measure the liquid that you are filling into the cartridge so that it does not over spill Make sure to use the refilled cartridge in two weeks

You can find electronic cigarette in a variety of flavors in addition to the usual tobacco flavors. Electronic cigarettes are easy-to-use and an effective alternative to a normal cigarette. They give that hit or the feeling of nicotine hitting the lungs just like when you draw on a normal cigarette and that's why they are so popular. They give you the freedom to smoke in public areas where smoking is banned and also smoke in a crowd full of people, since they do not have any tar or toxins. They do not pollute the surrounding environment like normal cigarette smoke.

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