Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bloog Electronic Cigarettes Review

This review looks at smoking (or I guess I should say "blooging" since that's what the website says) electronic cigarettes from Bloog. I'll take a look at each of the three electronic cigarette starter kits available from Bloog, as well as looking at the cartridges available for "blooging."

The Bloog Basic Kit (Fusion) includes one automatic battery, one wall charger, one USB charger, one battery pouch, and five cartridges in the flavor and nicotine level of your choice for $59.99.

The Bloog Deluxe Kit (Fusion) includes two automatic batteries, one wall charger, one USA charger, two battery pouches, and five cartridges in your choice of flavor and nicotine level for $79.99. (Includes one battery and one pouch more than the basic starter kit.)

The Bloog Ultimate Kit (Fusion) comes with the most stuff. It costs $99.99 and includes two automatic batteries, one wall charger, one USB charger, one car charger, one PCC case, one basic carry case, one USB "passthru" battery, and five flavored cartridges.

Each of these starter kits offers an electronic battery choice in black, white, or silver. The cartridges for Bloog electronic cigarettes come in a number of flavors, including Reds (real tobacco flavor), Kamel (robust tobacco flavor), RY4 (tobacco/caramel flavor), 555 (sweet tobacco flavor), Menthol (soothing menthol), Spearmint, Vanilla, Chocolate, Coffee, Cherry, Grape, and Apple.

You can also get blank cartridges that you can fill with e-liquid yourself. The clearance page of their website has a few additional cartridge flavors that I assume they're doing away with since they're only listed on the clearance page. These flavors include Energy Bull, VA Slims, and Cola.

The cartridges page does say their Fusion cartridges are not compatible with their older Bloog electronic cigarettes, so I'm not sure how owners of these older versions get new cartridges. As someone considering buying their new Fusion electronic cigarette, seeing this warning on the cartridges page about how their current cartridges don't fit their old products concerns me a little because I would hate to invest money in their starter kit only to find they decided to discontinue the cartridges if they come out with a new model electronic cigarette.

Maybe they have another website or something that I don't know about where they sell cartridges for the older Bloog electronic cigarette. I'm not sure, but continuing cartridge availability is something to consider before making a purchase. It's bad business for this company to fail to offer people with the older models new cartridges, so my guess is Bloog probably has a special program or something for these customers and maybe they just don't advertise these cartridges on their website. Just a guess.

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