Friday, March 9, 2012

Best Electronic Cigarettes – Reasons to Quit Smoking

It is no secret that smoking may result in fatal consequences even causing cancer! In spite of being aware of its ill-effects, people continue to smoke! When asked - why do you smoke? A majority of the smokers would say that they simply cannot stay away from lighting cigarettes, that they feel nice when inhaling the smoke generated from burning tobacco, among others. In spite of the fact that the smoke produced by burning tobacco contains approximately 4,000 chemicals of which 50 are known to be carcinogenic agents, people continue with smoking. Among the different toxic substances present in smoke from a cigarette, presence of nicotine, cyanide DDT, benzene, formaldehyde, naphthalene as well as arsenic and cadmium is considered to be most dangerous. While tar, produced as a byproduct, which is a sticky substance, gets deposited inside the bronchioles of our lungs and restricts red blood cells from carrying oxygen and carbon dioxide to and from target cells, thereby inhib iting the physiological process resulting in lung infections, which may even lead to cancer! To best way to stay away from the perils of smoking is to stop smoking all together. But it's a near-impossible task for smokers! Hence the introduction of best electronic cigarettes aims to offer a feasible alternative to chain smokers. They can use these electronic cigarettes, also called E-Cigs, which simulates the smoking action of regular cigarettes, puff and feel the same taste and flavor of traditional cigarettes without causing any harm to their body.

The best electronic cigarettes are smokeless and hence you can use it in front of others without having to worry about causing health hazard to other non-smokers. Passive smoking as it is called results from inhaling cigarette smoke by non-smokers when the person smoking is in near vicinity. It is responsible for causing lung infections and various physiological disorders among young children, women and other non-smokers. E-Cigs simulate the action and feel of a regular cigarette however it's a completely smokeless and odorless alternative. The vapor-mist produced by the atomizer, a microprocessor controlled part of an E-Cig together with the cartomizer, which contain a variable percentage of nicotine, propylene glycol and water isn't harmful to humans, yet the vapor can be inhaled and exhaled much like cigarette smoke and the flavor, taste and feel reciprocates that of a regular cigarette.

It is never too late to quit smoking. But if you're finding it hard to restrain yourself from taking a puff, opt for best electronic cigarettes. These are certainly the most safe and eco-friendly alternative. Besides you can cut down your weekly expense as well by opting for E-Cigs.

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