Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Best Electronic Cigarette Brands Should Get Together

It baffles me that the best electronic cigarette companies are still holding out on providing the FDA and othe medical research companies the evidence they need in order to endorse the electronic cigarette once and for all. There are alot of reasons that the companies come up with, which include, the cost, the number of years that these trials take. etc

Lets be truthful here the best electronic cigarette companies have made a lot of money other the last few years, and they are happy with the growth, some of these companies are even managing to sponsor particular sporting and fashion events, this costs some considerable dollars, but it helps their brand. The cigarette companies are happy with the growth forecast for their company and are not willing to take the lead and put the money back into research. Unless its to improve development and reduce costs of manufacture.

Unfortunetely this is the world we live in today, the best electronic cigarette companies are out for one thing and that one thing is profit. They would not be here and they would not even consider to help the poor smoker if it wasn#t making them a tidy profit. Now I'm ok with that, its when they go a little to far and get greedy that anoys me. They give you great customer service, not because they are nice, but because they want you to tell your friends to buy from them. It is what we expect, but it is 2 faced, but thats life in the corporate world. Some of us forget this and are completely horified when we get to speak to that poor customer service clerk, who's on the wrong end of a 12 hour shift, answering the same old problems hour in hour out!

I think the FDA should take an action in asking the best electronic cigarette companies to pay a branding license in order to finance research, this could be based on a 1 year study, 5 year study and 10 year study. This way everyone in the sector is treated the same, there is no risk to one company, and everyone gets what they want the TRUTH!

So until any credible study is complete, we have to ask ourselves, if we think it is safe to use, and if we are lucky enough to live in a state where it hasn't been banned yet! To me the best electronic cigarette brands are in a very profitable niche in order to pay for this reasearch.

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