Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Vapor Revolution Reviews Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes

The vapor revolution continues to grow while Green Smoke is gaining popularity with consumers. The campaign informing the public about the dangers of smoking has many looking for an alternative. Green Smoke is moving up the ranks at a fast pace. Making sales for electronic cigarettes continue to keep climbing. It appears the criticism of their use continues to climb as well, especially in Europe and other countries abroad.

While governments in every country around the globe are trying to put a cap on this smoking alternative, the vapor revolution continues to grow. With all the claims being made questioning their safety, I have yet to read a story about any death caused by electronic cigarettes. Green Smoke continues to lead the cause in giving people an alternative to lighting up.

As we continue to watch the news about the vapor revolution we see electronic cigarettes popping up everywhere. On late night television shows and even in the latest movie. Showing a popular actor grabbing one and take a few puffs off it before dropping it his shirt pocket. I think it was a Green Smoke electronic cigarette but it was hard to tell. It appeared to have one of those skins you can buy and wrap around them. So it doesn't look like the white paper of a traditional cigarette.
If you're not a smoker, you may not have heard about the vapor revolution. If not, then let me ask you this before you leave and move on to the next page. Do you know someone in your life that does smoke. A friend or someone in your family? Someone you care for a lot and would like to see them stop. It is people like this who are becoming part of the vapor revolution on a daily basis. Whether they choose Green Smoke or another brand available. The most important part is most of those people are not lighting up anymore. They've trashed the lighters and the matches.

Being off traditional tobacco for over six months now and a supporter of the vapor revolution, I often forget I have one in my hand. My Green Smoke has taken place of those that required a match to light them. These look like a cigarette, they feel like a cigarette and will appear as one to anyone around you. Here is the funny part about being part of the vapor revolution. I have done it in the past where I forget I have a Green Smoke in my hand. I walk in the store, take a hit off of it and exhale. Only to hear, "EXCUSE ME!! Sir? There's no smoking allowed in here. Please step back outside and extinguish that before coming back in to shop. Thank You." I want to say, "This is a Green Smoke. I don't smoke anymore."

My gut reaction is to come back and say, "It's not a real cigarette." Only to hear, "Sir.... please. I saw the smoke coming out of your mouth and I know what a cigarette looks like. Please don't make me call security." So most of the time I just put it in my pocket and keeping walking in. Only to get that look from several people who's eyes are saying, "Did you see what that fool just did? He just put that lit cigarette in his pocket!" I tell them, "It's a Green Smoke. No need to worry and grab a fire extinguisher." There is usually someone standing outside the door having one of those cigarettes I use to smoke. I give them a card and tell them to become part of the vapor revolution.

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