Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Electronic cigarette reviews

A battery-powered nicotine inhalation device, the Super smokeless cigarette is an alternative to smoking tobacco through cigarettes, cigars, or pipes.

Smokers can now enjoy a new alternative product which is very popular and satisfying with great tobacco taste.

The super cigarette is a new product which will change the way people look at cigarettes and smoking. It is an smokeless cigarette which means that you don't have to light it up, it doesn't burn nor does it contain the toxic carcinogens found in regular cigarette smoke.

For the initial use of an electric cigarette, there is no better selection than the Super electric cigarette. With its stylish design and simple functioning, it is the ideal replacement for a smoker looking to transition into the modern world of ecigs.
This tiny device, which emulates the look and feel of an actual cigarette, is known as the Super Cigarette. It is a smokeless (electronic) cigarette. It does not require a lighter to start smoking; it only needs the included rechargeable battery to power up the micro technology process that makes it function - reducing any risk of fire hazard.

Through this new process, the liquid nicotine, also known as e-liquid and e-juice, produces a heated vapor which is inhaled solely by the e-cigarette smoker, leaving other people around free from secondhand smoke.

Cartridges of Super ecigs deliver great value for money. On most super minis the cartridge size is so small you are lucky to get 4-5 cigarettes worth of smoking from them; however, with the Super Mini, you can smoke the equivalent of 10 cigarettes without having to replace the cartridge.

Now you can have a cigarette where it was not an option before with the new electronic super cigarette. Use this new super cigarette to avoid bothering people with the smoke and odor.

For a great smoking experience, you won't regret trying out Super e cig from Totally Wicked,which is among the most trusted and respected suppliers of Super Cigarettes worldwide.

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