Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Electronic Cigarette Review – Things to Consider

Deciding to give up smoking must be one of the most important health related decision that a person can ever make. Sadly, it is easier said than done. When you go online, there are countless of web pages that claim that their way of quitting smoking is the way. Some give "10 tips on how to quit smoking" advice. But really, how well do those things work? They are great in theory but for a smoker who has been puffing for years, the craving for nicotine is just too strong too strong in fact to the point that those "how to's" just don't work as well as they are expected to. Gladly, electronic cigarettes were invented and as of today, it is the best alternative to actually smoking.

To set things straight, electronic cigarettes are not really cigarettes but they sure look and feel a whole lot like it. The point of an electronic cigarette is to let the user smoke without actually smoking. Okay, that sounded a bit ironic but in a nutshell, it allows a smoker to "smoke" without the harmful effects of tobacco smoking. To begin with, ecigs do not really produce smoke, which is great for your lungs after all the years of inhaling all those toxins. It has no tar and other chemicals that may cause cancer that is present in tobacco smoking. It is even good for your teeth because it won't stain your enamel, making your teeth look yellow.

So you are thinking, how is an electronic cigarette anything like the real deal if it produces no smoke and it does not have any of the bad stuff of a real cigarette? To begin with, it still has nicotine and the truth behind smoking is you are after the nicotine content in the cigarette and not the cigarette itself. Electronic cigarettes have that which will surely satisfy your craving for it. Secondly, people who have been smoking for years tend to get so used to putting something in their mouth since it has become a habit. Can you think of how many people who are trying to quit smoking end up substituting lollipops for it? Electronic cigarettes work with the same principle. Smokers who use electronic cigarettes have something between their fingers, which they put in their mouth, giving them the same satisfying sensation minus the bad breath.

Third, a lot of people have second thoughts about quitting smoking due to the social pressure involved. For some reason, there are people who think that smokers have "cliques" and you have to smoke too in order to be a part of this group. With an e-cigarette, you can join these groups because you are still "smoking" in a way, only you are using the healthier and better option.

If you find that kicking the habit of smoking is just too hard for you, then choose the better alternative smoke electronic cigarettes instead. They will give you the same satisfaction minus all the health risks of tobacco smoking.

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