Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Electronic Cigarette Review And Information

I'm writing this review to answer the question "Should I try a E-cigarette?" My answer to you would be "You should definitely try a E-cigarette." I could go on and on about all of the great advantages of an electronic cigarette compared to a tobacco cigarette, but I'll stick to six main points. They are healthier, cheaper, cleaner, safer, more convenient, and can be used to help quit smoking.

E-cigarettes are healthier for you, and for everyone around you. Tobacco cigarettes contain nearly 600 ingredients, many of which are poisons and/or cause cancer. If you substitute 598 of those chemicals for water you have the ingredients to an electronic cigarette. They only contain water, nicotine, propylene glycol, and flavoring. There are no carcinogenic chemicals used in a E-cigarette. Not only does an electronic cigarette eliminate all of the bad chemicals, but it also produces a water vapor rather than smoke. (Similar to a humidifier) When exhaled it evaporates almost instantly, so there is nothing lingering around for others to inhale.

Another advantage electronic cigarettes hold over tobacco cigarettes is that it is much cheaper to use a E-cigarette. Where I live cigarettes range from $5 - $6 per pack. One cartridge for an electronic cigarette is equal to one pack, or more, of tobacco cigarettes and only costs $2. If you don't mind spending a little extra time refilling your old cartridges you can purchase nicotine solutions online for very low prices, which comes out to be about 50 cents per refill. That's 10% of the cost of tobacco cigarettes!

Smoking tobacco is very messy and stinky. Ashes are left scattered around every surrounding object after smoking. Each cigarettes leaves a filter behind that needs to be extinguished and thrown away. How many times have you had an ash tray get knocked over? It's impossible to take a walk through town without seeing cigarette butts scattered about. Most smokers don't notice it as much as the non-smokers, because cigarettes drastically affect their sense of smell, but they leave behind a horrible overwhelming stench. If you smoke indoors or in a vehicle the smoke clings to everything and does not wash out easily, if it does at all. It permanently stains teeth yellow. Now that my sinuses have finally cleared up, after months of not smoking tobacco, I really notice how bad a smoker smells when they walk by after smoking a cigarette. None of that exists with a E-cigarette. There are no ashes or butts. Only one cartridge, about the size of a filter, is left to be thrown away for each pack of tobacco cigarettes. If you keep the cartridges, for refilling, there is no waste left over at all. There is no smoke emitted from a E-cigarette, so there is no smell either. Although the vapor looks like smoke it is almost completely odorless. Some people say they can smell a small hint of a fruity aroma if the vapor is blown right at them. I had numerous compliments about my cologne after I quit smoking cigarettes. I had worn it everyday for the whole year before, but the stench of cigarettes covered it up. My garage no longer smells like an ash tray either!

Electronic cigarettes have no flame or combustion. There is no need to carry a lighter along with them. If you are driving along and your E-cigarette falls between your legs there is no need to swerve all over the road or pull over to find it. Not only will it not burn you, but it won't burn anything it touches. The cartridge can get a little warm if used excessively, but not enough to harm anything. Along with no flame comes no fire hazard. Ever hear a story about someone falling asleep with a cigarette and burning their house down? It would never happen with an electronic cigarette!

I have found using E-cigarettes to be more convenient than smoking tobacco. I was constantly running to the store to pick up a pack of cigarettes. Even a carton would only last 10 days. With the cost of cartridges, I can easily buy months worth of nicotine and never have to worry about running to the store. I never have to spend time searching for a lighter or ash tray, extinguishing after each use, or finding a garbage to dispose of empty packs and cellophane wrappers. You only need to carry one or two electronic cigarettes with you rather than a whole pack. One of the best conveniences of an electronic cigarette is that you can use them almost anywhere legally. Inside of bars, hotels, restaurants, and even at gas pumps! Most non-smokers don't seem to mind them and allow me to use them in their homes.

Electronic cigarettes are used in many ways. I use mine as a complete substitute for tobacco cigarettes. I use it as often as I would smoke a cigarette, but it is all I use. I don't use tobacco at all for all of the reasons listed above this paragraph. Some people use them when they can't smoke tobacco, such as in bars and restaurants. For those who want to break free of nicotine completely, cartridges are available with different nicotine levels. They range from no nicotine to 16 mg of nicotine. 16 mg is equivalent to a full flavor cigarette. You can start at whichever level you like and work your way down to no nicotine. The great thing about E-cigarettes compared to other quitting aids is that they imitate a cigarette in almost every way, without all of the bad effects tobacco has. They are a little bigger than a cigarette, but can be held the same way. You smoke it just like you would a cigarette and exhale a vapor that looks like smoke for a few seconds before it evap orates. You can feel the vapor in your lungs much like the smoke from a cigarette, but there is no tar stuck behind when exhaled. I tried many things to help me quit over the years, from patches to pills, but nothing worked for me at all. When I tried my electronic cigarette for the first time I gave up tobacco instantly. I smoked two more cigarettes the week after quitting, and each time I would have preferred having the electronic.

As you can see, there are many advantages to an electronic cigarette over tobacco cigarettes. I have never come across anything in my many years of smoking that could replace a cigarette. I was simply amazed by how easily electronic cigarettes took over. It's great how it gives me everything I want out of a cigarette without all of the bad qualities of tobacco. With many flavors available to choose from, it gives me even more than a tobacco cigarette would. If you are interested in learning more about electronic cigarettes you can visit my more detailed information page athttp://www.scheneker.com.

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