Monday, February 20, 2012

Ecigs Refill Cartridges: Everything You Need to Know

Electronic Cigarettes have helped many smokers (including heavy smokers or chain smokers) to give up on their hazardous habit and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Due to high significance, there is a rising demand for this product in the market these days. The fact that they don't harm and give the same feel as an original tobacco cigarette is the main reason behind their unprecedented success. Besides their traits of being highly durable and affordable with ecigs refill cartridges act as an add-on to this valuable gadget.

The body of an ecig mainly includes three parts i.e. an atomizer, a charger and a cartridge. Cartridge is used as a cup that holds up the e-liquid or e-juice in the cigarette. It helps in turning the nicotine solution into smoke like vapor. Due to its functions, it is an important element and one needs to be careful for satisfied product experience. You can easily buy a new cartridge whenever you require or simply refill the existing one. After opening its mouth, you can easily fill the cigarette again with preferred nicotine solution and then put the lid back. It is important not to overdo the drops or else it may spoil the quality of cartridge. The solution can also be injected directly into the cigarette.

You can find different types of e-liquid cartridges in the market in terms of quality, length of your ecig etc. The solution can also have different levels of nicotine content. This method gives the user flexibility of changing the level every time they refill. It especially helps while quiting smoking as you can switch from higher to lower nicotin cartridges over a period of time. They are also available in various flavors ranging from lemon, orange, peach etc. trying to fit into the customer's requirements as much as they can.

Some cartridges can also be interchanged depending upon the brands as each one has different built and variable specifications. However, it is advised not to replace them with one another as it may lead to various hazardous consequences as each cartridge is made to function differently. While refilling, you must take extra care by wearing gloves. It is necessary to store cartridge in a cool and dry place. Since they are delicate, they should always be kept away from children. It is also advisable to use the refilled e-cig cartridge within two weeks before it gets dried up.

As ecigs refill cartridges are costly and contain the basic essence of electronic cigarettes, it is highly recommended to take care of it to the maximum. If there is any kind of damage, functioning of entire cigarette may be affected adversly.

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