Thursday, February 23, 2012

Blu Electronic Cigarette Review and Features

Blu cigs is a widely-popular electronic cigarette brand. Like all e-cigarettes, blu cigs aim to replace or lessen harmful (real) cigarette smoking by mimicking the physical sensation brought about by inhaling tobacco smoke. And, unlike real cigarettes, electronic cigarettes use vaporized solution that eliminates actual smoke and combustion.

Like most e-cig manufacturers and brands, blu offers complete starter kit packages that includes everything from flavor cartridges, batteries, atomizers, and chargers-basically everything that you would need to start "smoking."

Their starter kits start at $59.95. It may not be the cheapest, but it is definitely in the same league as the lower-priced counterparts. The lowest priced started kits start at around $44 and above.

Blu is mainly known, and also named as such, for its unique use of blue LED lights instead of standard red/orange lights that try to imitate cigarette burn glow. Aside from that, thei r other main unique selling point is the exclusive "blu pack," that looks like a standard flip-top cigarette pack. The blu pack also charges the batteries of the e-cigs while stored inside.

Flavor is a major decision point when in comes to choosing electronic cigarettes. Blu can compete with the best of them (and more) because they offer standard cigarette-like flavors plus unique concoctions of indulgence-inspired aromas. Examples of their unique flavors and top sellers include vivid vanilla and java jolt. In addition, they also sell variety cartons which include all flavors in a number of cartridge-content options.

They also offer various nicotine-content options starting from zero nicotine to full flavored (16mg).

The Experience

Personally, I have tried many electronic cigarette brands as I really want to get rid of my nasty smoking habit. The problem with most brands is that it feels like you're smoking a bunch of chemicals which makes it "feel" less healthy. Another thing I do not like is the feeling of sucking on heavy metal tube instead of a real cigarette. For me, taste and feeling is everything.< br />
The classic tobacco flavor is blu's attempt to copy real cigarette flavor and I would say they did quite a nice job. The menthol cigarette flavor is good as well but in real life I do not smoke menthols. The other flavors for me are just come in handy when I want to feel something different for a while and they do taste exactly how they describe them-for example, java jolt does taste like coffee.

The package (blu pack) is great and is excellent for carrying the cigarettes around. They do charge the sticks but I'd like to think of if as just keeping the batteries fresh while not plugged.

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