Saturday, February 4, 2012

Blu Cigs: Why Are Blu Cigs Considered the Best Electronic Cigarette?

If you ask a chain smoker which is the best electronic cigarette, then blu cigs would surely be his answer. Do you know the reason why smokers prefer blu cigs to any other E Cig brand and why do they consider it as the best electronic cigarette in the world today? Well, blu cig was not always a clear winner but it became the #1 brand after it began improvising on its E Cigarettes.

Here is what it did:

Added More Variety

Blu cigs became the best electronic cigarette when it started offering a wide variety of flavors to its E Cigarettes. While there were several brand of E Cigs available in the market which were equally good, not many offered a wide variety of flavors to its consumers. But when blu cig started offering several flavors which touched the taste buds of even hardcore chain smokers, the brand started picking up and became a sensation overnight.

Nicotine Strength

The second reason why blu cig is considered the best E Cigarette is because it offers varying nicotine levels to smokers. You have the option of choosing from high, medium to low nicotine strength levels in a bid to enjoy to the maximum and let go off your chain smoking habits in a suitable manner. This is simply the best feature for most chain smokers.

FDA Approved Product

When you read an authentic blu cigs review, you would realize that these products are backed with a FDA approval seal and while the shipping and handling is free, you are also given the privilege of a 1 year money back warranty. While going through this best electronic cigarette review, you shall notice that this brand is also backed with a thirty day money back warrantee as well. Undoubtedly, this makes it the most sought after and reliable E Cigarette brand in the market.

Affordable Pricing

The price of the starter kit is pegged well under the $70 mark, which in turn makes blu cig the most sought after brand by chain smokers. Besides, which the launch of their latest electronic cigarette category that offers more vapor and puffs, you have the added benefit of spending less and availing more than two to three hundred puffs with each cigarette.

With great after sales support and sophisticated E Cigs, blu cig has undoubtedly managed to captivate the hearts of smokers worldwide and is therefore considered as one of the best electronic cigarettes known to man.

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