Monday, February 13, 2012

Best Disposable Electronic Cigarette - Ten Tips to Quit Smoking

Best Disposable Electronic Cigarette

One of the hardest ways to quit smoking is to go cold turkey. This often results in smoking again, and therefore, the sense of failure is acute, the result of which might be to give up trying to quit. Best Disposable Electronic Cigarette

For some people (I was one of them), it is just too difficult to stop smoking all of a sudden, especially if you have smoked for many years.

If you find it is too difficult to just stop smoking quickly, think of stopping slowly. In the long run this will be a quicker option, and you won't have that feeling of failure. Here are ten tips which might help:

1. Form a plan and stick to it, but don't give up on yourself if it occasionally goes wrong, just keep at it.

2. Aim to cut out a couple of cigarettes a day for the first few days - then a couple more for another few days, keep this up and you will soon be smoking far less.

3. Always try and find something to do to occupy your hands, as idle hands can reach for a cigarette.

4. Don't reward yourself with a cigarette, but rather reward yourself with a little treat when you didn't have that cigarette. Best Disposable Electronic Cigarette

5. Put a few dishes of chopped up fruit or vegetables around the house or on your desk and eat them instead of reaching for a cigarette, they will do you good as well.

6. Chewing nicotine gum, or even just regular gum will help stave off the craving for a cigarette.

7. If you have any spare time try and go for a brisk walk ( leaving the cigarettes behind, of course), get some fresh air into your lungs to start freshening them up and getting them back to being healthy and clean again.

8. Don't feel guilty if you sometimes fail to stick to your plan, quickly resume the plan again as soon as possible.

9. The only downside of quitting smoking slowly is that you might tend to forget, to help remind yourself, get some little stickers and stick them round the home of office, on mirrors, desk, wallet etc. Only you will know what they are, and they will remind you to not smoke those extra cigarettes.

10. Often remember why you are giving up, maybe for health reasons, maybe family, or financial reasons.

If you now smoke twenty cigarettes a day, and aim to smoke two less every week, in ten weeks' time you will have stopped smoking altogether.

This gentle way of quitting will not only be much easier to do, but has much more chance of being really permanent, as gradually your body will have adjusted to no more nicotine. Best Disposable Electronic Cigarette

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