Sunday, February 26, 2012

Amerismoke Electronic Cigarette Review

Sold and manufactured by Electronic Cigarettes, Inc., Amerismoke electronic cigarettes offers some unique features that I decided to take a look at. This is my review of Amerismoke. Note the date of this review as the information in this review may have changed by the time you're reading it.

One of the first things I noticed is where the website says Amerismoke is PRIMARILY manufactured in the USA. While I think that's great, it doesn't mean it's ALL made in the USA. I don't feel they're misleading people, but I kind of feel weird about them calling it Amerismoke when it's not 100% US made.

Amerismoke has two different features on their website that I haven't seen on the websites of other brands -- 'true flow' technology and 'batch ID.' Their true flow technology is actually a valve on the electronic cigarette's microprocessor that keeps it from activating unless being used. This basically means the Amerismoke electronic cigarette won't activate unl ess you're smoking it and it will not accidentally activate in your purse or pocket. That's pretty cool, but I believe most higher quality electronic cigarettes have this feature.

One of the things I notice on the Amerismoke website is that they make it clear that they make quality control a priority. That's what their batch ID feature is all about. The website states the e-liquid in the cartridges are USA made. As a quality control measure, Amerismoke issues a batch ID for every box of cartridges they manufacture. Then consumers can visit the Amerismoke website and match the batch ID from their cartridges to lab results that verify whether the cartridge was quality tested. While I think this is a cool feature, I can't help but wonder if they went to such great lengths with their batch ID program because they're might have been a problem in the past. I don't know if they did. It just puts the thought in my head.

Amerismoke offers a two piece electronic cigarette with refillable cartridges. They offer a starter kit with two batteries, one USB charger, one wall outlet charger, and five tobacco cartridges with medium nicotine level. They also offer a micro starter kit containing what they bill as the smallest electronic cigarette ever. It contains two batteries (one at a tiny 2.25 inches), a carrying case, one USB charger, one wall charger, and three tobacco medium cartridges. The e-liquid for the Amerismoke electronic cigarettes come in tobacco, menthol, chocolate, vanilla, coffee, apple, and strawberry flavors in high, medium, and low nicotine levels.

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