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Smart Smoker Electronic Cigarette Review - How Do You Make Someone Quit Smoking?

Smart Smoker Electronic Cigarette Review

If a friend or partner of loved one is a confirmed smoker, you're probably very concerned. After all it's the leading cause of illness, infirmity and death in the world. But how do you make someone quit smoking? Smart Smoker Electronic Cigarette Review

The sad fact is you can preach all you want, you can bombard the smoker with facts, statistics and pictures of blackened lungs and they'll just shrug, avert their eyes and head off for a smoke. The bottom line is that smoking is an addiction and the only way people stop is when they themselves resolve they have to.

So does this mean you can only watch on in despair as your loved one continues to puff away and ruin his health? No, maybe you can't make someone stop smoking but there are ways you can help.

Helping someone to quit smoking is difficult but there are effective things you can do. Your first important act is to understand the nicotine addiction process yourself. If you are a reformed smoker yourself, this will be easier, but if not, here's a crash course in how people get addicted to tobacco and what happens when they try to quit smoking.

The actual addiction begins as soon as you take your fist lungful of cigarette smoke. Nicotine is a psychoactive drug. It actually changes brain chemistry by hijacking the system of reward pathways - the function of the brain that rewards good behavior by releasing the chemical dopamine. This gives us that feeling of pleasure we get when we've done something good. Smart Smoker Electronic Cigarette Review

Your brain remembers this feeling of pleasure and later if the nicotine intake is stopped, the brain will complain with feelings of craving and irritability. You should know that for the smoker, during this craving period, a cigarette is the most important thing in the world.

So though the body is clear of nicotine in less than 100 hours after smoking the last cigarette, the smoker is not free until those brain changes are undone.This can take several weeks.

So much for the physical components of tobacco addiction. There's also the mental factor. Over years of smoking, the smoker associates the act of smoking with certain times of day and social situations. Examples are drinking coffee or alcohol or after lunch. These are the times when many smokers give up and fall back into the nicotine trap.

So by now you should understand that it's impossible to make someone stop smoking but you can help someone with their nicotine addiction. The most important thing is that the smoker has a system of support in place when he tries to quit. This system should include various remedies for the craving symptoms. Herbal formulas are very popular and effective. Hypnosis works for some people, acupuncture for others. You have a wide choice of options.

Ultimately helping someone to quit smoking is about offering support. This can be difficult as people deprived of cigarettes can get very irritable and get angry easily. Just remember that it won't last forever and if it means they're become free from the slavery of nicotine addiction it will be the best thing they ever do. Smart Smoker Electronic Cigarette Review

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