Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Kick the Habit and Post Your Own Electronic Cigarette Review to Help Others Like You

Kicking a lifelong habit is no easy feat, especially if that habit is smoking. I have personally known several people who have tried to quit smoking several times. Though they did well at first, they eventually fell into their old habits and began lighting up again. It is sad to see because they clearly want to stop so they can have a healthier and prolonged life. With electronic cigarettes you can reduce nicotine cravings, spend less money on your habit and live that healthier lifestyle you have wanted for years. Depending on your geographic location, cigarettes may be a burden to acquire. You may live quite far from any store and prices may be so high you have tried quitting for that one reason alone. The economy does not make it any easier either. All you need to do is read a single electronic cigarette review to see how life changing this product is.

So you are trying to quit smoking, but you just can't seem to actually "quit". You have tried a few different things, you have tried the patch and nothing seemed to work or have the long term effects you were looking for. Cutting back may be the first smart step to take since attempting to quit cold turkey is actually not recommended. With electronic cigarettes you have the ability to choose exactly how much nicotine you are getting in every cigarette you smoke. You can choose between High (16mg), Medium (11mg), Low (6mg) or 0mg, which contains absolutely no nicotine but simply the filter flavor you desire. There are no additives in the electronic cigarette, so that means you are not inhaling tar, carcinogens and who knows what else that they pack into traditional tobacco cigarettes. An added plus is the electronic cigarette is way better for the environment without all those extra additives! The people around you are no longer suffering in your second hand smokebecause th ere is no smoke! The refillable, flavored cartridges contain an atomizer which vaporizes the liquid nicotine and produces the nicotine water vapor that disappears within 5 seconds. You no longer have to walk outside to smoke your cigarette in all weather because you are able to smoke your electronic cigarette in public areas. You do not have to give up your cigarettes to obtain a healthier lifestyle, you will still have the action of smoking a cigarette and you will appear to be smoking a cigarette with electronic cigarettes. Choose the healthier smoking alternative today and when you do, be sure to post an electronic cigarette review so you can help others that are in the same position as you.

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