Thursday, January 19, 2012

Finding The Best Electronic Cigarette Reviews

Many people are now choosing to switch from smoking regular tobacco cigarettes to their electronic equivalent.The obvious health benefits associated with making the change, and also substantial cost savings can be realised.If you're considering purchasing an e-cigarette, then it's a good idea to study some impartial electronic cigarette reviews.

The following list shows the most important things to look for before you part with your hard-earned cash.

How Much Vapor the Cigarette Produces

For a satisfying smoking experience, it's important that the e-cigarette produces a good amount of dense vapor.Dragging away only to be rewarded with a thin puff of steam is not a pleasant experience.You need a model which offers a good quality cartridge and atomizer (often combined into one component known as a 'cartomizer'), in order to get an amount of vapor which can approximate that produced by a regular cigarette.This is important since most smokers w ant their new electronic cigarette to be as similar to a real one as possible, but without the many drawbacks.

Battery Quantity and Life

Having only one battery can be a problem, since you can't guarantee it won't run out before you get a chance to recharge it.You should look for a kit which comes with two batteries, so you will always have a spare one to swap to if you need to.It's quite common to receive batteries of different sizes - a short one which may last around 300 puffs, and a larger, extra-capacity one lasting 500 puffs or more.
Type, Strength and Flavor of the Cartridges

You can find e-cigarettes in two basic designs. One includes the cartridge and atomizer as two discrete components; the other fuses them into a single unit, often called a 'cartomizer'.Each option has its advantages.Having separate cartridges means that you may be able to refill them with liquid yourself, saving quite a lot of money. You do have to be careful though, as it's quite easy to damage the atomizer if you don't do it properly.Conversely, the big advantage of cartomizers is that you get a brand new atomizer every time you change the cartridge, making it much less likely that your unit will fail.

You can find cartridges in a huge range of different flavors; anything from apple, cherry and strawberry, to mint, chocolate and coffee - and of course tobacco!As you may well be tied in to using a specific cartridge or cartomizer compatible with your specific model, make sure you choose a brand which off ers your preferred flavors.It's also a good idea to choose an e-cigarette which has a good range of nicotine strengths.It's good to have the option of reducing your nicotine intake, perhaps by starting out with stronger carts and slowly tapering off to ones with a lower nicotine content.Being able to buy carts which contain 0mg of nicotine, but which offer the same flavor and amount of vapor can be useful if you plan on giving up nicotine completely.

How Many Cigarettes Does Each Cartridge Equate To?

How long each cartridge lasts will have a big impact on how much money you save by switching to e-cigarettes.For good cost savings, you should look for ones which last for roughly the same time as 20 regular cigarettes.Substantially less than this and the cost savings from switching to e-cigarettes are somewhat diminished.

Charger Choices

It's handy to have a range of different ways to recharge your e-cigarette's batteries.For example, a USB charger may be more useful for people who travel a lot, or you may prefer using a normal mains charger,It's even possible to buy kits which have a portable charging case - essentially a rechargeable battery with a port you can connect your e-cigarette to - you charge it from the mains and can then recharge your cigarette's batteries a number of times without requiring any external power at all.

Accessories for your E-Cigarette

If you're trying electronic cigarettes for the first time, then you may not want to splash out on a kit which contains anything beyond the essentials.Choosing a vendor which offers a range of accessories you can purchase separately will allow you to add only the things you need, when you need them.

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