Sunday, January 1, 2012

Electronic Cigarettes Review

Electronic cigarettes review, pretty much like reviews of anything are available in two flavors the flavor that leaves a bit of a taste in the mouth because one knows the reviewer has reviewed someone's review, or the genuine review flavor, where the reviewer has either test driven the car, or walked a thousand miles in new hiking boots, or, as in the case of this reviewer tried out the Vapor King electronic cigarette available from Electronic Cigarettes Club.

Having never carried out electronic cigarettes review, one was a little skeptical that a make believe cigarette' as they have referred to them in the past could take the place of 20 cigarettes a day, regardless of the strength of the brand.

Ordering the vapor King double pack, which is billed as an ideal starter kit, from the website of, the package duly arrived the following day. Like a child at Christmas, not truly knowing what was in the package, but itching to find out, the package was opened and the contents laid out in all their glory. The pack comprised the following;

2 Rechargeable Lithium Batteries 2 High Intensity Atomizers 1 5-pack of Cartridges (Your choice of strength, flavor, prefilled or empty) 1 Free Bottle of eLiquid (Non-Nicotine, Tobacco Flavored) 1 Home Outlet Charger 1 Users Manual 1 Gift Box

Following the instructions like a child putting together a model airplane kit, it was less than 10 minutes, after the initial charging of the lithium batteries, before the review was to begin.

The two high density atomizers have a button on the side, so the smoker can either have a standard, low content draw on the electronic cigarette, or by holding the button in, a customized draw; that is to say the longer the button is held in, and the longer the draw on the electronic cigarette, the higher the nicotine content.

This is an important feature, especially for those smokers that are used to brands of cigarettes that are not mild.

It takes a couple of cigarettes' to get used to the method of smoking an electronic cigarette, however it is plainly an easier and healthier alternative to the real thing, and this reviewers Electronic Cigarettes Review certainly found it easier than first thought.

Ultimately the choice has to be right for the newbie electronic cigarette smoker, but the Vapor King Double is an ideal starter pack, it will relieve the intake of poisons and tar, and does work out for the average smoker a lot less money that regular cigarettes.

The reviewer, for one, was pleasantly surprised; so much so that the real cigarettes are consigned to the trash can of history.

To get more information, or to buy a first starter e-cig kit to make your own Electronic Cigarettes Review, visit the website, today.

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