Sunday, January 22, 2012

Electronic Cigarette Reviews Launches New Website

Press Release: Electronic cigarettes were introduced in the United States market around five years ago, but they have only recently started to pick up the momentum in sales. This has also affected the businesses of tobacco companies and pharmaceutical majors. electronic cigarette is not advertised as a smoking termination product. However, the product is a favorite among smokers because it is free from cigarette ashes and smoke. Apart from social stigma, smokers are also being aware of the high risk associated with cigarette smoking. Many smokers who want to keep enjoying the pleasures of smoking even after giving it up, have found the best companion in e-cigarettes.

Electronic cigarette uses atomizer, which is a device to generate vapor or smoke of nicotine. Instead of smoking, the person inhales the vapor. This is how the person gets the effect of inhaling nicotine without the smoke of cigarette. This method is quite non-bothering to others, and it also does not violate anti-smoking laws. A lot of smokers who have started using e-cigarettes now prefer to use them because these cigarettes give them same kick and pleasure without any ash, smoke and stigma. These are quite convenient for people who have kids in their homes. Now with the help of electronic cigarette, they can keep smoking without affecting the air quality that their children breathe in.

One of the best advantages of using e-cigarettes is that they are quite cheaper compared to the real cigarettes. When a person buys a pack of e-cigarettes, he is actually buying a pack of nicotine cartridges. These cartridges last much longer, and the person can buy a month's supply. With the rising cigarette prices, a person can definitely save a fortune on smoke spending.

More and more smokers want to replace their cigarettes with e-cigarettes. However, with so many products in the market it is quite difficult to make a right choice. Electronic cigarette reviews are therefore quite crucial for customers to ensure that they are getting the right product. The reviews offer the most up-to-date information on e-cigarettes and the customer can rely on the recommendations offered.


The site reviews the top electronic cigarette in the market. The evaluation criteria are based on several factors, including flavor, ease of use, price and richness. The site lists the top ten electronic cigarettes in the market that offer best pricing, better flavor and company stability. Some of the brands reviews that are available on the site are green smoke review, south beach smoke review, LUCI smokeless review, NJOY smokeless review and many more. For each of the top ten brands, the site offers complete information, including coupons and promotions wherever offered to their visitors. The site helps the customer to review on electronic cigarettes before buying them out, and make an informed decision.

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