Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Electronic Cigarette Review: Features and Advantages of Vapur®

With all of the brands of electronic cigarettes on the market, how do you know which one is the best? More importantly, do you know which one meets your needs? As a smoker transitioning from standard to electronic cigarettes, you know what you want: the taste or sensation of smoking without the carcinogens, to be able to smoke anywhere but not be obvious, and to save money over time. For an electronic cigarette review, learn more about Vapur.

Electronic cigarette kits vary wildly in price. Those on television, for instance, can cost upwards of $100 to $120 but the inflated price is to compensate for advertising. Electronic cigarette brands that do not go overboard with the commercials cost less. For the cost, you get all the parts needed for an electronic cigarette: a battery, an atomizer, a set of five cartridges and, additionally, a charger and second battery.

An electronic cigarette brand thinking about its customers should have multiple options for appearances, nicotine strength, and flavor. Vapur's electronic cigarette kits come in black or silver, each with a blue or red light on the end. To disassociate itself from the stigma of ordinary cigarettes, this electronic cigarette is inconspicuous in public places, blends in better, and does not generate secondhand smoke. You, in turn, can smoke practically anywhere without repelling others.

When it comes to cartridges, Vapur has multiple flavors and nicotine strengths. For those unfamiliar with electronic cigarettes, a cartridge has a liquid, in which nicotine and flavor essence are dissolved, inside, and the fluid turns into a vapor once the atomizer heats up. Because not everyone's smoking needs are the same, Vapur has variable nicotine concentrations. For an experience similar to smoking a traditional cigarette but without the tar, cartridges go up to 16 mg/ml of nicotine. Those wanting to reduce their intake should consider a lower concentration or opt for nicotine-free cartridges.

Similarly, cartridges can replicate the taste of a cigarette, only tobacco and tar aren't used, but this isn't the only option. For refills, find menthol, clove, fruit, and other sweet flavors for the Vapur electronic cigarette.

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